• Absolutely agree! The Roosters are not premiers in my calculations.

  • That was unbelievable! Six again was the call. After the tackle no sorry hand the ball over . The rorters scored straight after. Bull shite! 

    • That decision changed the whole momentum of the game. The Raiders were on the attack! They were actually stunned by the decision and never really prepared. Next thing Tedesco try game over. Disgrace.

    • The call was changed before the tackle but still l not good enough,  it was the wrong call to start with but once made they should have stuck with it

      • but it wasnt changed fast enough for them to take the kick option, it put them under the impression it was 6 to go, fucking unbelievable.

        • Yep

        • I agree, they should have stuck with the original wrong call 

  • Mate it was so disgraceful one really has to think if the bunker has a few guys in there who are on the take for the roosters.

    I never claim the games rigged but that was a disgrace.

    That sort of shit will have plenty of people asking if its rigged.

    • Exactly I’d go as far as to say it’s corrupt. Fair dinkum 6 again called then change the call - no chance Whighton heard that that’s why he ran with it.

      Im filthy as fuck

      • It's been happening all year don't know why everyone is surprised 

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