Free to Play - David Fifta avoids sanctions

Free to play: David Fifita avoids sanction for Bali bust-up after ‘inconclusive’ evidence

786176b6448f19a2c3d207f20b4e8ea5 400w, 480w, 650w, 700w" alt="David Fifita has avoided an NRL sanction. (AAP Image/Albert Perez)" />David Fifita has avoided an NRL sanction. (AAP Image/Albert Perez)Source: AAP

Brisbane star David Fifita will be free to play Round 1 after avoiding any sanction from the NRL following the incident in Bali that saw him jailed for three days last month.

The 19-year-old was locked up in November after an alleged incident involving a nightclub security guard.

The Broncos were by the forward’s side throughout the situation and helped broker a “peace agreement” with the alleged victim. 

91f27e04ac2ae8f047d9679d8236f3d5 400w, 480w, 650w, 700w" alt="David Fifita after arriving back into Australia last month following his arrest in Bali. Photographer: Liam Kidston." />David Fifita after arriving back into Australia last month following his arrest in Bali. Photographer: Liam Kidston.Source: News Corp Australia

It’s been reported that the legal fees cost Fifita upwards of $30,000, while the Broncos say they offered no financial assistance.

The NRL said evidence regarding the incident was “inconclusive” while the actions of the Broncos in assisting Fifita’s release from prison was appropriate.

“The NRL’s Integrity Unit says evidence relating to the incident outside a Bali nightclub was inconclusive,” an NRL statement said on Thursday.

“The NRL said it was satisfied that the actions of the Broncos club were appropriate in the circumstances.”





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  • Absolute joke, Pearce got 10 weeks for being drunk as he bought the game into disrepute.  Norman got suspended for bringing the game into disrepute as they claimed  yet neither was a violent act

    If Fifita didn't bring game into disrepute it opens path for everyone to avoid punishment under that in the future.

    Fifita admitted he didn't know what happened as he was drunk and the police couldn't speak to him for nearly 24 hours due to his level of drunkenness so how does he even have a version of events.

    There takin the piss if they don't think what he did deserved any NRL sanction.

    • And look at the judiciary FM, one of the Burgess brothers got 2 weeks for throwing a water bottle near a player a couple of years ago - near, not hit - and 2 weeks. Yet you can go overseas and get so pissed you have no idea what you're doing, assault someone, because you're so drunk the cops can't even interview you for 24+ hours while you're in custody, you face several years gaol and then your club assists in paying off the alleged victim and you get nothing, not a week. That is just stunning. If the media backlash on this isn't massive then I'll give up.

  • Is it April 1st??? Seriously, how can anyone take this mob seriously. For farks sake just piss off Greenberg, absolute disgrace of an administrator.



  • I’ll just say WTF.

  • And in further surprising news Fifita turns down a million dollar contract to sign for broncos for just over two hundred. He also lands a gig at FoxSport this season as a panelist for an undisclosed sum and buys a house for a hundred grand which he later renovates and sells for four million to a member of the thoroughbreds.

  • Surely the security guards statement is evidence enough? He can drop charges but he can't change his statement or make it disappear because that is a crime in itself.or am I missing something? 

    • Not in Bali


  • Haha same old nuffies on here being out raged over nothing. If it was a Parra player you would have jumped down Greenbergs throat if he was suspended. It's people like you guys destroying the game by putting young footy players under the microscope. Go get the sand out of your vaginas

    • Wake up to yourself rusty, the games got a heap of precedents and they've just completely ignored all those to sweep this under the carpet. I'm not putting Fifita under the microscope, his actions put himself directly in a very bright spotlight. He should definitely be sanctioned, and harshly based on previous decisions. To do nothing is a dead set joke and there needs to be a lot of questions asked about how the NRL and Greenberg arrived at that decision. He's once again opened himself to rightfully being lambasted for a disgraceful decision and there's going to be a heap of players even more pissed off at the penalties they received. This bloke spent 3 days in custody and was only released after the victim was paid off, if that's not bringing the game into disrepute, then what is??? He should have got months, simple.

This reply was deleted.

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