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Looks like Frankies blog about Magpies blog has now been closed. Oh the irony.

In any case, I'm curious to know why these blogs would be closed? Sure they might be getting a bit long winded and repetitive, but at the very least couldn't the moderator closing the blogs at least post why they are closing them?

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                  • Tad all i can confirm is he is the president of the NSW cuckolds society and is actually a founder father of the Gympie chapter.

                    Later on branching out and making the now famous chapter in Richmond, located right next to the air base as a matter of fact.

                    Thats all the private info i can give about Daz because its common knowledge and he admitted it to me once.

                    • How come there is a Gympie chapter of the NSW cucks, we are good enough in Qld to have our own. Lol

                • Snake, screen capture this one: you're right

                  • Daz i was taking the piss, the SAA of the jokers would use your sperm to have you polish his boots lol.


                    • Huh? 
                      Snake sometimes you make oblique a blessing

                    • 3822260089?profile=RESIZE_710xWhats that got to do with anything?

              • Tad, if we could all take from the Rennaissance the will to combine multiple forms of understanding as an aid to problem solving, and from the French Enlightenment the desire to put knowledge to use for the many not just the few, then we'd be on to something!

            • Great post Poppa. It reminds me of an incident in my early high school education. Our class did a maths test, and one of the questions was to determine the volume of a tank. From memory the tank was roughly the size of a tank you would see on the back of a petrol or milk truck.When the tests were marked by our teacher, my answer was marked as wrong, however I argued the teacher's "correct" answer was out by a factor of 1000. The teacher could not be swayed by my reasoning, so I took the problem to the head of the maths department in our school, and he agreed that my calculations and answer were correct. I said "Great, can you talk to the teacher and have my test revised?". His reply, "No that won't be happening." His reasoning being that he couldn't go over the top of my teacher as it would make them look incapable of doing their job. I think I lost faith in the teaching industry that day as the whole episode said to me that it was more important for teachers to look after each other rather than be shown to be incorrect.

              • It comes down to who do you trust to do a skilled job. Someone with some professional training in a discipline or someone with no academic training to do a skilled job? experience helps but you need a platform to get to greater heights

                • Who do you want to coach our halves ......the bloke that wrote Joey Johns biography and remembers everything Joey taught him or Joey John's himself.

                  Its never that simple Tad, I love the story of the emporers new clothes, one of the great parables in my mind. 

                  The thing I love about it is the King and all the King's men were too scared to tell the King he was wearing no clothes because only a fool could not see how good the quality of the cloth was. 

                  It has so much bearing on so many things we go through life being afraid of, nobody likes being made to look a fool and we all do it!

This reply was deleted.

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