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Looks like Frankies blog about Magpies blog has now been closed. Oh the irony.

In any case, I'm curious to know why these blogs would be closed? Sure they might be getting a bit long winded and repetitive, but at the very least couldn't the moderator closing the blogs at least post why they are closing them?

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      • Good effort Tad, I said in another post you hadn't which was a mistake. Corrected! 

  • Anybody here know of the legendary Archie Luxury?

    Great man, good friend of Fongs and i..


    • It is definitely cold except for January & Febuary, it is definitely damp, and it is most definitely overpriced. Have y'all ever been to Queenstown ?

      There are some pretty women TBF.

  • I've taken to watching Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report lately. The link below is a terrific episode where he has Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro on and they are having a discussion on the essential problem of the Progressive Left, namely that they value the collective over the individual. It's two hours long and I have only watched about ten minutes myself, but I intend to watch it all today. But even watching the first ten minutes is absolutely brilliant.

    • Brett, a bunch of my students asked me about Jordan Peterson last year and I said I had not ready his book. Not a satisfying response for a geek. So I found a discounted copy of 12 Rules - not hard for some reason - and read half. I admit I could not stomach some of it and skimmed in places. But one thing is clear. We are, apparently, all lobsters. Now for JP the lobster is a convenient species because it is asocial and quests for dominance and if challenged it fights and if it loses it keeps fighting for dominance anyway. A great metaphor for JP's main constituency of uneducated teenage boys, real estate agents and stock brokers. 
      But one issue. Clearly lobsters and humans evolved separately. Apparently our common ancestors were sea creatures with a complete stomach, meaning mouth and arse are separate openings (the alternative makes for poor visuals), and they lacked dominance hierarchies. Overall, what do lobsters have to say about an independently evolved human? Not much. So is JP really saying he wishes we were a different species that spent more time fighting and killing and refusing to share and avoiding contact? Really, is that what we want to be?

      • Try being a little less intellectual Daz and a little more direct.

        The point of JP, and like many non progressive left & alt-right people he is open to his belief systems being refined. His point is that the individual is paramount. You take awy the individual and society breaks down. This is the principle failing of Marxism & Fascism equally, that the value of the collective outweighs the value of the individual, and that any value the individual has is only to serve the strength of the collective. Furthermore, the sole purpose of the collective is to undermine and ultimately eliminate the individual.

        A classic example.

        One of Karl Marx's pet hates was the family unit. One of the central tenets of his dogma was that children belonged to the state first & foremost and the family unit was merely a vessel into which the state indoctrinated the next generation, to the point children were actively encouraged to "out" dissident parents, and that in doing so made them good citizens.

        The essence of Jordan Peterson's belief system, and that of Ben Shapiro & Dave Rubin & Milo & Candace Owens and any number of other conservative thinkers is that the individual is paramount.

        That line of thinking is anethema & dangerous to the hive mind that is the Progressive Left & the Alt-Right.

        • Brett I accept your religious values and don,t have an issue with it at all. Was Jesus a lefty mate3822847396?profile=RESIZE_930x



          • Absolutely not !!!!

            Be assured, God is not a socialist. 

            We aren’t created equal, we are created different. He doesn’t love us equally, He loves us differently, the way we individually need to be loved. 

            Matthew 25, the parable of the talents tells that. Some are given 5 talents, some 2 & some 1. 

            Some are born into wealth, some are born into poverty. Some people can seem to do anything they put their mind to, others seem to be almost talentless. Almost.

            God is not about what we have or don’t have, He is about what we do with what do with what we have. 

            When the servant with 1 talent buried his talent for fear of losing it, the master, ie: God called him wicked and took his talent and gave it to the servant who had 5 talents and turned it into 10 talents. 

            Does that sound like a socialist or a lefty ?

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