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  • That rocks.
  • lolcuzzy
  • lol gold

    • Yep posted that on fb today lol

      • Karen told me about it this morning Carl's. 

        Was it you who originated it Lol

        • Look PLOPPY you really are one Dum Dum aren't you ,how about you get with the program or better still just get to bed and sleep old man..nurse will wake you for your nappy change..

          • Marky did you forget you posted this 3 posts earlier.
            Actually that picture gets pretty close, only this old bugger has more hair than me, colour is right for what I do have left.
            Nursee sends her regards and says your nappy she changed was enough to change her views on what a human being is capable off. lol
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    • Mate, making your kid support Parra makes them learn early on that life is hard. It's basically a form of marine training for civilians. Your kids can accomplish anything if they support Parra. My 6 y.o daughter is a grade A student and the prima ballerina in her class. Some kid at school dropped his nutella sandwich and started crying. She told him straight up "Harden the fcuk up, c*nt. Some of us support Parra. That is a good reason to cry, not this.".

      • Parra fan --mate kids today are brought up to quickly into adulthood---they need to enjoy there childhood with all the magic ,dreams and aspirations they can get while they can and hold onto them for as long as they can. Hate seeing grumpy old men in a 20 year old body

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