•  This proves my theory ive been banging on about for years, you need big wingers in the current game.

    Having big powerful wingers is a big part of our resurgence, small weeds like Bevan were hurting us bad.


  • The focus next season has to defense, we averaging approx 20 points against per game, BA  needs to flog and crush these players into physical submission until this happens we are no chance of a title! Like the plonker the great Gus gould said the other week the gulf between 6th and 2nd on the table is huge! If we dont average less tham 16 points per game then kiss next season goodbye 

  • Pity we couldn't go on with the job, and play against the storm like we did against the broncos, our style of needs to be the norm in nrl , much more attractive to watch.  The grand final wa such a boring game .


    • Well Kenny let's make our attacking style the norm.The game is boring ......5 hit ups kick high. If BA can throw of the shackles of Stormism and go full bore with an attacking style...... who knows.....we might just change the game. The team of 2009 had a crack and wasn't that great to watch. After all if you score one more point than your opposition win.


    • Yep we need to play with the same width we did against the Sea Eagles and Broncos - Pity the rain in Melbourne snuffed any chance of a 3peat.

      • Frank , the rain in Melbourne didn't stop the Storm scoring six tries.Once again against tough opposition we just fell in a heap.

        • Yeah but it changed the way we played.

  • Defensive efforts must improve immensely.

    The past has proven that your don't need great individual defensive players necassarily. In the mid-80's the Bulldogs won 2 straight through their defence (ok cheated a bit by using ice-hockey shoulder pads made from fibre glass) as they possessed half the NSW forward pack in Gillespie, Folkes, Tunks as well us up'n comer's in Langmack and Paul Dunn. Together they were regarded the driving force behid the Bulldogs success.

    Parra only had in Peter Wynn a current -at the time- NSW forward and Price in his final year. The rest of our pack was bog average in Sharp, Muggleton, Budgen, Leabeater and Laurie. Yet Monie made them play tough and tenaciously in 86 because through defense was the only way Parra was going to manage to win the premiership again. Parra knew how to attack, it was defense that was our achillea's heal.

    Same situation now. We must learn to defend AS A UNIT and have each other's backs. In the GF the Rooster's defended set after set with only 12 men through sheer stubborness and tenacity with a mindset of "Fuck you, you will not pass".

    Who was it that said "Offense brings in the fans, defense brings in the premierships/ rings/ championships"?

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