First trial; Who are we excited to watch?

Our 2023 campaign starts somewhat on Saturday with a trial against Penrith. Considering this is the first trial it is believed majority of the team will be reserve graders bar some. I think players that will play round 1 or have a chance that will play Saturday are; Russell, Dunster, Ogden, Makatoa and JA. Matterson i think could get a game aswell to get some match preparation for round 4.

I am excited to see Russell as i believe he will play Centre on Saturday to prepare for Round 1. Dunster also to see how he has recovered from his ACL, PCL and MCL tears.


I think this will be the team as follows

1. Rankin

2. Dunster

3. Cini

4. Russell

5. Loizou

6. Asi (if injured perhap Jack A Williams)

7. Arthur

8. Ogden

9. Rein

10. Makatoa

11. Momoisea

12. Mataele

13. Rodwell

Bench just randomly

Greig, Matterson, Brown, Lumelume, Hands, Yates, Taumoepenu, plus more but heading into NSW contract territory.


I am also excited to see how Mataele plays as he is a kid that could be the future at 12 above Doorey and Momoisea.

I think there is a chance though we could see Doorey and Momoisea start in the back-row with the sole purpose of them two battling it out for no. 12  jersey in round 1.

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              • Gosh you are positive !!! BA did not restrain from temptation the whole year including going into finals - what makes you think he's a changed man now in this regard 🤔

        • I find this interesting. (in a weird way)

          If that's the case, why would he be paraded around at the season launch as part of the 2023 NRL squad? I mean, what's the point of that?

          • It's a fair point. He is contracted to the club (part-time NSW Cup contract, similar to the old second tier) so maybe the invitation is there for him to come along if his day job doesn't need him.

  • I doubt Makatoa and Matto are allowed to play in the first trial. Isnt their some rule about players allowed in the first trial game depending on how many NRL games they played in the previous year?

    • Makaslower won't play as way too slow and Matto won't play either as he will be at home counting his money

    • Matterson, Mahoney and Lane played last year in the first trial. I do not think it is a rule.

  • I'm curious to see if new Bulldogs recruit Hayze Perham is the same Hayze Perham that played with us last season. In Spoting world they classed him as "an exciting superstar", surely it's not the same one we had.

    • It is

      • I think he is being fecitious Brett...Lol

  • Keen as for Ogden and Wiremu

    Mataele and Taumoepenu also

    Hope Rankin is not FB, surely a young one to fill this spot?

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