• Probably Gutherson. Gutho always pledges his live for Arthur in the media, but then he complains about dollars offered by the club being to low for his lifestyle,  give me a break.

    If Gutherson was captain material he should have dumped Sam Ayub straight after he put crap on the club last time.  Imagine Boyd Cordener sticking with a manager who pisses on his club. That's no captain 

    • Oh Chief!.... Gutho would have been debriefed by the Coach selection process before they chose to extend BA,

    • Can't say I'm surprised to be honest, assuming RCG is one of them.

      The club should have shown him the door in 2018.


      • But RCG wasn't here in 2018...

  • Can't be true.  The players all love playing for him remember!

  • I'm not defending BA but this is pure junk, rumour mongering. There's no basis behind it at all. It's classic click bait, don't fall for it. 

    • How can you be sure Mutt's??

      It makes sense to me, the JA thing did more damage than many realise.

      • This ^^^

      • The way the senior players played vs Melbourne and in the Finals. Gutho and Moses stating categorically on Foxsports that they pulled BA aside and told him they back him 100% during the losing streak. This squad did not come across as a team with a problem. Plus, there's zero evidence of this so called rumour. 

        • This ^^^

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