Fergo Rumour

Hey folks I don't normally like to post rumours unless I think they have substance but I'll post this to see if anyone else has heard anything.

Apparently we are looking at Fergo Medically retiring and then freeing up his contract for next year.

Obviously it's a rumour it came from someone who normally has some good info admittedly he isn't a Eels fan but his info about another team is usually spot on.


Anyone else heard this??

Anyway it's off season so that's the best time for rumours 

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  • I don't think Fergo's injury was that bad. He almost played the last game but his confidence was definatly down this year, which for Fergo is huge because the guy runs on confidence.

    Heard plenty saying Gutho will play in the centres next season.

    Who on earth would be stupid enough to put the Daly M fullback of the year into a different position.

    • UMMMM. BA

      • & a probable player that's wanting big coin to play fullback, and eels may have a desire to sign him

  • But it must be true someone posted that they had heard a rumour we wanted JAC and we were going to move Gutho. And that someone was the ultra reliable "I'm Eugene" so how could it be wrong?
    By the way does aNyone  want to buy the big bridge I own in Sydney? if there were a more likely place to find a buyer it would be this site of gullibles. 

  • Not sure about Fergo but seriously French. Yes he is fast but he simply wasn't up to 1st grade as a winger or fullback. He just got rag dolled. I just can't imagine BA wanting him back and especiallly to take our best players position. 

  • Just do a Soufs and medically retire him, give him a year off, and then get him back on the field for 2022.......

    • 100%

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