Fergo Rumour

Hey folks I don't normally like to post rumours unless I think they have substance but I'll post this to see if anyone else has heard anything.

Apparently we are looking at Fergo Medically retiring and then freeing up his contract for next year.

Obviously it's a rumour it came from someone who normally has some good info admittedly he isn't a Eels fan but his info about another team is usually spot on.


Anyone else heard this??

Anyway it's off season so that's the best time for rumours 

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  • I wouldn't be surprised. 

  • Hope ao

  • I have been wondering how he was getting on, would not be surprised actually because I don't think he has been healthy for most of the season.

    Gould (I think) made reference to an ongoing knee problem when he went down.

    Bloody shame that good players go out like this - IF it is true.

    • If it's true.

      It wouldn't be a surprise if it is true in fairness medically retired is a better option for players now then what teams had previously this way your wage is succured and the club gets salary cap relief 

      Bunnies love a good medical retirement 

      • & bad ones as well.

        Said this earlier, Fergs has had issues most of this year especially his knees, has been caught out badly doing things that he would have normally had no qualms about, from last years tries, how many to 2 or was it 3 this year?

        If there's any truth in itm then we have need for a 2nd centre, depending on the B and MJ.

        • Tom Opacic - Blake to wing

          Surely Dunster has to come into the equation with Sivo out for half the season from what we were hearing earlier.

          Back line starting to look a bit shaky imo.

          • Sivo's injury was an MCL. A grade 3 MCL tear is 4-8 weeks. So he should be fit for pre - season worst case scenario. 

            • Thanks mate, I was thinking ACL.

              Think we should go to BCF next time?

              • Nah KFC.

          • I haven't seen anything at all from Dunster to suggest he will do anything. Maybe there is some truth in French coming back

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