Fair Crack At The Finals

1. W. Smith

2. Sivo

3. D Brown 

4. Penisini

5. Ferguson 

6. Gutherson

7. Moses

8. RCG

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Papali'i

12. Matterson 

13. N Brown 

14. Cartwright 

15. Nuikore

16. Lane

17. Kaufusi

Oops a team list.

Here is what I think would be a team that will get us a top 4 finish and maybe a GF win. It's become abundantly clear that it won't be done through cleaver attack/coaching.

I've moved Gutho to five eight due to his slick passing and attack. Will comes in at fullback, in attack he chimes in well and can join sweeping plays, with a nice final pass. Although I think Guthos defence is better, Will can do the job and Gutho needs to touch the ball more often.

I have Dylan at right centre due to his great defence and he'll serve Fergo well.

Between Cartwright and Nuikore we can have cover in every position except hooker. N Brown can serve at hooker in a pinch.

Key here is Waqa Blake is no where to be seen, he is by far the worst player in the team. It amazes me how he is still picked every week. He can't pass, he can't play. 


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  • We all know BA won't chnage a thing, or drop Waqa Blake. We will just keep relying on 5 one out hit ups, a kick and chasing the collision.


    • Too true and that could cost him his job, we only started losing when Waqa returned. 

    • 100%

  • Thats a no from me

    • Happy with more of the same?

  • Will Smith at fullback 😂 

    please stop just stop.

  • Nuikore adapted very well to center.How would he go as full back?

    • Wouldn't work. At least he has played centre b4. Possibility he may be out for  the rest of the year anyway unfortunately.

  • No for me.

    Will Smith is no where near good enough to be a starting fullback and we would lose way to much moving Guth from there.

    I think D Brown would make an excellent center but I would be more than happy to leave him at 5/8, start Penisini at center and release Waqa Bleak to anyone who wants him.

    Also I don't see that Opacic has done anything wrong to be excluded from the team line-up. 

    • No Opacic hasnt done any thing wrong, but i feel to win a comp you need to do more then" not do something wrong". Wouldnt it be just great to see a centre wearing Blue and Gold, make a break, set up a try, do something  to dominate, provide some real backline spark. mmmmmmmmmmm Its been along time. Moses cant do it on his own.


      Throw Milford that $100'000 for the rest of the year, put him in 5/8 and let him do what he always did best, play running heads up footy, Dylan to centre he would stiffen the defence and play his normal game, the xtra room might even spark him in attack.

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