• Is not unbelievable, he plays for Parra, only the players from roosters, storm and broncos get away with what ever, those player will have to kill someone else to get may one game ban, just look the outcome of last night at the judiciary, the NRL is a joke and corrupt 

      • jwh is regarded as the nrl'stop hitman, hes took out more plasyers then others in the nrl , most go down as no my fault.

        evey time a rooster gets hit hard they protest,,, changes needed right now,, the 3 ex players who judeged kane,, are ex rubbish..

        its very clear now,, the nrl dont regard parra to be worthy of a gf win let alone go further then sunday.

        if i was brad   this should  work for the eels,  its a bit like wests days bring back the catle dog  ,, this should put all the needed fire in parra.

        guys the bronco's cheat us  last game .. when you see there big players wanting to bust you,,,this should make them look like ants , send to bali boys, bust them my view we should all send  texts to the nrl loud guys support the eels


  • So that means they considered running into a player with the ball front on with your chest worse than JWH shoulder charge and just as bad as MArty Tapau's swinging arm straight to the head

    • not to mention JWH blindsided him

    • It’s lunacy at best, but I think this blatant corruption. Professional and amateur sport have for a long time been influenced by corrupt individuals and external agents and it would be folly to argue that the NRL is any different. 

  • NRL is crooked

    • Yep this bullshit

    • Uncle Nick again. Fcuk me sideways


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