Ethyn Martin

One player i am looking forward to see play, and hope he gets minutes, is Ethyn Martin. 21 year old Winger that is not even a year into his return to League. He is raw in terms of development, however has a lot of natural ability. He is tall, has size with a decent build, quickness, agility and ability to play Fullback also. Now as for Wingers, Sivo and Russell are our starters, though Sivo is ageing and has questions marks over his consistency, while Russell is decent there are questions over his potential of what he can become. Martin is raw, though 13 tries in 10 Flegg games is a feat, he is a quick learner. For Martin debuting in NSW Cup in Round 1 is crucial if he wants an NRL debut as soon as this year.

At the moment, it seems the backline in Cup will be:

1. Talagi

2. Dunster

3. Cini

4. Harper/Simonsson

5. Lumelume/Martin.

Lumelume is the competition for him, unless Talagi is moved from Fullback and features in another position or at 14 or Lumelume plays Centre or there is an injury in general. But the trial against Canberra is where he needs to make dent. If the team list comes out and he is not starting, it will be a slow start for him, not be all and end all but starting from that trial is crucial for him and his development.

Compared to all the Wingers in our squads, all of them, Martin is i feel the most naturally gifted. You have Sivo and Dunster who are big body Wingers who are used to make metres and Sivo to use size to score tries. Russell is a worker who does not do anything great but nothing bad either, just that reliable piece. Lumelume is a big body that doesn't move that well and has some ok speed. Martin has pace, size, footwork and natural ability. He has freak tendancies about him. But i preface all that by saying he is super raw, there is a lot of work to do, defence mainly but being a quick learner and already developed physically (Bloke is ripped). Question around Martin is why is he a late bloomer and what happened in Rugby for him not being looked at for Super Rugby. But if you see pics of him from early 2022 in Rugby to now he has easily gained 5kg and added strength.

Overall, i am wondering if anyone could see Martin being that player for us that just comes out of nowhere, but like Semi in 2014 (not saying he will be Semi, just an example). Or Sivo in 2019. Or Ma'u in 2014 came out of nowhere in pre-season to start for 6 years for us.

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          • You can fuck off to Grunt.

        • I was positive about Martin's potential.

          The only thing I am negative about is a team I have supported for 45 years who have failed to win a premiership in 37 years.

          If that makes me a prick so be it.

          I would rather be that than be a wanker who is always having a go at people who have their own opinions.

          I don't follow you around abusing you for being a unicorn who thinks just because someone plays for Parra they are brilliant. 

          • LOL BEM, so now I am a unicorn. Wow!  I am far from a unicorn and have many crtiques of the Club, BA and the team. As for following you, don't flatter yourself. I rarely post on here these days, in comparison to the past. Be assured, I am not following you, it is hard not  to notice you when the page is endlessly filled with your negativity which is sometimes warranted and some times debatable. 

  • Sounds like Ethyn has the physical attributes to create some competition to grab a spot in first grade. If he can create a good understanding with his centre partner in defence and perhaps a good combo with Moses kick and chase in his game that will enhance his chances.

    • TCT have said he has held his own at training. Cannot wait to see teamlist tomorrow in general but to see if he is named.

  • I don't get the hype. He was too old for SG Ball last year but still not good enough for reserve grade. If an outside back isn't playing reserve grade by the age of 20 it's not looking good for him. Even Harper and Russell were reserve grade regulars by the age of 20. Dunster was too.

    If Martin becomes a reserve grade regular this year he will be 21. The same age Lumelume was.

    • Difference is Martin only came back to the game in May last year. So they put him in Flegg after being in Union. There is an excuse there.

      However, if Lumelume is named over him today then this could be a nothing discussion.

      • Looks like they're both behind Dunster and Russell.

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