Enhanced Games!


 I am really interested to hear what sports fans think of the Enhanced Games concept?

 I think it will be extremely interesting to see the amount of improvement gained via unrestricted Enhancements being used.  

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  • Disgusting idea, teaching kids all the wrong messages. There will be a lot of prematurely dead athletes soon

  • I mean the idea is different and interesting. But it sends wrong message in that if you want to do something bad, worse to your body with performance enhancers, then there is a place that will welcome you. I think as an experiment it could be fascinating to see as in world records and that if they compared them to that, which they should. But as a year in year out thing? It will wear off quickly as yeah you win but does it count?

    Once the novelty has worn off, people will stop watching as they wouldn't want to cheer someone doing something morally illegal in the scheme of sports plus cheering an Aussie to win, when they are not really winning anything will die off. Plus i know when the Olympics are on mid year, my school will be promoting the Aussies like we did the Matilda's. We wouldn't for this obviously, so there goes a certain fan base automatically.

    For me, i couldn't care less. I am in the belief of if you know what the effects are on your body and health and want to keep going? That is on you. I eat and drink a tad bit unhealthy, i know it is bad but i also enjoy it, but i wont blame anyone for my health issues either. If they want to participate and are not doing anything illegal per say then go for it, not harming any of us. 

  • I mean, they’ll illegal so I don’t even know how you prescribe them for athletes for nothing other than sport enhancing ? They’re either illegal because they’re dangerous or they’re not. Doctors simply can’t write scripts for no reason.

    If they’re ok to use for monetary sports reasons then they’re ok to use for the average Joe who wants to look like a Leb at a festival or plastic gangster bikie too.

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