• Effort except for the last few minutes of a half, when they invariably panick and let in a try. 

    take away the two tries in the last minute of each half last night and it's 8-2 and that would be respectable give the 61-39% possession difference. 
    STAY FOCUSED AND STOP THE PANIC PLAYS and we will go a long way this year. 
    dumb ass passes with nothing happening and giving over cheap possession is killing them. With the ball in hand we're ok, we just need to hang on to it! 

  • Over the last few months most teams we've played have started faster than us


  • Well its hard to have a fast start when the refs give a 6 again for no good reason in the first set of the game. From that moment we were in our half for the whole game. Panthers had over 70% possession in the first 20min and ended up with 65% possession by the end of the game. So we were never really given a chance to be in the game due to the refs.

    • Well how do we as a team combat that if this is the trend in a semi final or big game in the future.

      Its simply not good enough to blame possession or the refs. We need our boys to step up and wrestle the momentum away from the other teams. No good crying and kicking stones. This is when the forwards need to lift and bash the shit out of their forward pack, or we force errors with our line speed and D or Moses needs to step up and be a little more creative. The truly good sides wrestle the momentum away - we tend to use it as an excuse.

      • In that game no team would beat Panthers. The refs never let parra in the game and only wanted panthers to win.

        We forced many errors out of Penrith with our defence in the first half but the refs kept letting penrith walk up the field and put an immense amount of pressure on our D line. The only tries they scored were 10sec of half time and full time and than also a kick. But after so much defending no wonder we cracked right at the end. 

        But, I do agree that Moses needs to step up. In attack eels needed to earn meters from our own try line by taking more risks and less one out runs. I know the boys woud of been tired but in other game we still did one out runs so this game can't be an excuse for that. Obviosuly you can also be more risky and by that either reap the reward or fail and put ourselves under more pressure. So, I guess that depends on confidence and some luck which we had none off. 

        • The refs never let parra in the game and only wanted panthers to win

          What a load of crap....

          Last week game

          The refs never let NZ  in the game and only wanted Crappamatta to win

          No 6 again and slowed the game down for Crappamatta 

          • God why can't a mod ban you. By far you are the most annoying member of this community.

            • Why 

              Because I speak the truth that's why

              • At best you speak 50% truth. But majority is completely BS.

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