Eels vs Cowboys 3-2-1

3. Hopgood massive workload

2. Brown

1. Penisini - Wiremu - great effort minus two play the balls.


Special mention - Gutho stop playing frantic, error football, your much better then that.

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  • 3  Greig (gave us good go forward and scored couldn't ask for more)

    2 Brown (starting to show his full potential again and hopefully keeps improving)

    1 Gutho (mr reliable and hope fully less brain explosion)

  • Missed the game last night guys. How did the new guys go Joffa and Moretti? 

    • Moretti is a gun. Carried hard, a lot of energy in tackles. Kid can play and would only get better if permanently on bench

  • 1. Dyl was a beast last night. He is beginning to not only live up to the hype but surpass it. I like that he said BA was on to him at half time. Everyone needs to be pushed.

    2. Hopgood was almost just as good as Dly and it was hard pick between the two. The Eels have a great bunch of young players that can push our team forward for years to come.

    3. Greig and Penisini. Couldn't split them, both were awesome.

    Special mention to Mitch who is playing injured and all the young guys who are getting their shot and making the most of it.

    Lastly and will be highly controversial, BA. Say what you want, but he has done a good job. A team with major outs and he has them turning up and having a crack. Still plenty to work on but hopefully BA has them getting primed for the finals.

    • Yeah I think BA knows what each player can provide, and is pushing each to their skills and effort ceiling. That's great to see, and it's what makes a team achieve great things. I really thought we would struggle in the middle, but our forwards did exactly what was asked of them, albeit a tough ask.

  • 3) Brown

    2) Hopgood

    1) Moses

  • 3.  Dylan Brown - one of the competions elitye defenders. That try saver on Townsend was massive. 

    2.   Carty -  Great defence, line speed and still a little bags of trick shots. Playing best he ever has.

    1.  Hopgood -  Hindmarsh 2.0 but with the skill set of a mini YEO

  • Very busy, very busy I only just watched this game in full.

    3. Brown

    2. Hopgood

    1. Greig

    The side was a bit down on last week's intensity which I guess is to be expected given we played South's last week. Anyway we bagged the two, did what we had to do and grinded it out 

    Very happy again - GO PARRA.

    • Very busy you said Frank ? Did all the Covid cancelled  hooker bookings catch up to date all close to the same time , and so in past couple of days you took advantage of all of those free massage credits offered to you from 2020 onwards ? LOL 

  • 2gb gave their MOM to Gutherson, funny how people see games. Don't think anyone gave points to Gutho.

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