Eels vs Cowboys 3-2-1

3. Hopgood massive workload

2. Brown

1. Penisini - Wiremu - great effort minus two play the balls.


Special mention - Gutho stop playing frantic, error football, your much better then that.

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  • 3. Hoogood

    2. Emu

    1. Maka

  • 3.Makatoa

    2. Simmonson

    1. Doorey 

  • Hopgood



  • 3: Brown, incredible defence

    2: Hopgood, workload

    1: Greig, Forward leader in tje absence of tje boopers. 

    • Grieg looked great out there. 

      His effort areas were spot on last night. One thing I picked up on was how often he would be pulling up the last defender off the ruck and positioning them at marker. Lots of pointing and talking in defence. His game fitness has doubled since the start of the year.  Really happy with the emu.

  • 3 Brown 

    2 Hopgood 

    1 Cartwright 

  • 3. Brown.

    2. Hopgood. 

    1. Makatoa

  • Mitch played okay , perhaps not popular tonight, but he kicked huge, hit every conversion, scored a late try, 

    Cartwright played well tonight as well.

  • 3. Brown - Best on field by a long way

    2. Simonsson - was great tonight

    1. Emu - He was on tonight. 

  • 3- Hopgood With a pack that lacked experience, losing a middle forward on the 10th min, Hopgood showed leadership, stepped up and played his heart out.

    2- Moses without being flamboyant, managed the game well and stepped up when it counted most.

    1- Brown (was a toss up between him and Simmonson) had a big impact on the game early, and consistently injected himself when we needed him to.


    shout out to a Greig on getting his first try, and again posting a decent 145 run meters 

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