Eels to wear the White Jersey vs Warriors

I just saw on Instagram the jersey presentation to Jakob Arthur. The boys will be in the white jersey for the very first time. You all better run out and buy one. 

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  • These white jerseys looks like dog shit and are obviously in honour of white power, KKK and neo nazi Attomwaffen movt.

    Very racist imo.


    • But dog shit is Brown unless they're albino dogs.

  • This jersey is a smack in the face to all our indiginous brothers n sisters whove faught so hard for equality, then clubs go and do shit like this, what a disgrace.

    They could have picked any colour but they had to choose white, this is where the rot starts.

    Im demanding this jersey be changed to black.


    • Snake, normally you may have won this argument, but you're forgetting we're playing the warriors who wear BLACK!!!! We are but filling the quota in this match, even moreso because we also have some yellow to appease our Asian friends.

      • Very well pointed out Brissy, so what youre saying is Brissy, that tomorrows game is shaping as some type of race war?

        See, this is exactly what happens when clubs do this, race wars start straight away.

    • Yeah, they should also have rainbow on them to appease the gay and lesbian and transgender parts of the community.  Then we need to look at all of the colours that members of the community that identifiy themselves as a certain colour want, to please them too!  What was the Club thinking?  Just not inclusive enough!

      • Don't laugh . How long do you think it's going to take before a club do run out on "Pride round " in some rainbow monstrosity ? 

        it will happen. 

        • Not laughing mate.  Soft cock world we live in pnadering to every minority, it will happen. Can't wait for the, I identify with the colour blue round.

          • It's going to implode eventually .  You can't have a world where there are so many groups of extremely oppressed victims .  

            LBGTIZ mobs were protesting oppression on Mardi Gras night and were all standing round like stunned mullets when the cameras asked them what they were protesting . 

            feminists screamed for women's rights to breastfeed in public and now the trans community are outraged that breastfeeding is not an inclusive term and it must be chestfeading .  So do the femenazis stand by women or the trans " women " ?  And then you have the single mummies that fight in court for their custody rights over the men as " breastfeeding " is a bond that only a women can have with the child .  

            that's just the tip of the iceberg .  So many conflicts coming for us to enjoy . 

  • Love it, compared to our previous yellow away jersey that was a training shirt. Or was that one racist as well?

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