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  • Hopefully the 3rd year options is in Eels hand not Luke's
  • Id like Luke but not if it means Reeds development gets compromised
  • I agree wild eels, we just dont learn. Luke is another potential jennings who will deliver then become a liability.
    I hope the option is in clubs favour as well or we have screwed up again IF this story is true.
    I find it hard believe any crap now.
    • I couldn't agree more mate.
  • If the 3rd year option is in Lukes favour than this is another back ended mistake.

  • 1 year deal would be ideal.

  • I’m sure the Warriors offered him a year extension. The only way to entice him to Parra would be to give him 2/3yrs.

    • There was a story earlier on in the year the warriors didn't want to re sign Luke because they didn't have the cap space
  • We have two captains

    Why can’t we have three head coaches

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