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Eels officially re-sign Arthur

The Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club are pleased to announce the extension of the contract of Head Coach, Brad Arthur, for two years taking him through until the end of the 2021 NRL Telstra Premiership season.


Parramatta Eels Club CEO, Bernie Gurr, said the Club has been in discussions for three weeks with Brad’s management and the extension of his contract was important for the Club moving forward.


“When we undertook our Football review last year it was clear that a long term strategy for our football department was needed to ensure our players and coaches have the best possible opportunity for success.


“It is the view of the Board and CEO that Brad is the best choice to lead our Club’s Football Program into the future.


“We are focused on continuing to be a Development Club and we strongly believe in what Brad is building and his ability to lead our NRL team in the right direction,” added Bernie.


Brad Arthur said he was very happy to have the support of the Club, “I feel very fortunate to be able to continue coaching at this great Club. We have a proud and passionate supporter base and I want us to give them the results they deserve.


“Everyone involved in our Football Program realises the responsibility we have in bringing sustained success to our Members and fans and that remains our priority.'

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  • Lets hope he can win a few away games. The announcement is premature.

  • Lol oh dear!!


    looks like the board have caved and the player mangers have gotten what they want.

    expect Guth to be announced soon with his 4 year deal.


    This club is beyond help it truly is.






    • I agree, they want to keep Gutherson. I can see their point as he is a player worth keeping and build a squad around. We may not be privy to all the information and lack inside knowledge, but his coaching record leaves a lot to be desired. Too many lows.

    • Feel like crying Al it’s that bad a day.

      Seriously........biggest flogging since Canberra in 93 and what do they do? Reward the bloke.

      He must be kissed by an angel BA. Seriously they must think this guy walks on water. He can do no wrong and has just bought himself another 2 years regardless of another spoon.

      What has to happen for this club to F him off?

      Its a serious question that needs to be asked. What are his minimum requirements and what are the boards expectations, cause from where I sit they must be the lowest in the NRL or we don’t have any standards.

      Get Farked Bernie you dumb cunt.

  • Kinda reminds me of Steven Bradbury for some reason 

  • BA giving us the results we deserve, a wooden spoon and 54 point floggings.


    Bernie Gurr walk now you absolute Fraud.

    • Wooden Spoon last season.

      5 wins out of 9 to start. We only won 6 all last year. 


      That is significant improvement in my book. BA was always getting a new deal if improvement was shown. 

      • No improvement in away games. A 46% winning record is not good enough to win a competition

      • It’s all downhill from here - nothing to play for, they all got what they wanted - new contracts.

        • We can put a line through winning a comp or even performing well in the 8 until at least 2022, probably wont even make the 8 until then going on Brads record.

          He never even has an answer in pressers as to what we are doing wrong, he's easily as brain dead as SK, if not dopier,

This reply was deleted.

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