I want to start by saying I dont follow any other NRLW teams social media except Parra's so I dont know how they go about their business but looking from the outside in, our girls, they only seem to care about their ridiculous TikTok videos and dances, rarely if ever see anything of them training or shaing anything that gives the impression they are taking their job seriously. I am also good mates with the brother of a Player that changed clubs in their off-season, who I dont want to name, but when talking to their Father last week I asked why she didnt stay at Parra and he said it was between Parra and the club she signed with because the other team was her Harvey Norman club, but if it wasnt for the racism that was pretty bad towards the white girls she would have stayed at Parra, we were interupted by his mate changing the subject but its been playing on my mind a bit and if all this is true then explains why their maybe shithouse efforts by some in our NRLW team

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  • I also understand their are alot that think the NRLW is irrelevant, but at the end of the day they represent Parra so it matters to me

  • End of the day I think players in all the teams are just happy to be playing in the NRLW. After the game they all love taking photos despite the result. I don't think winning is the priority tbh

    • I get that and understand it's still a new thing but look at women's soccer for example, that's what they should be aiming for 

  • Just can't get into nrlw at all hey. Good on them for playing tho 🤣

  • The games I have watched I've struggled to understand how they are so kissy huggy and touchy feely with the opposition. Feels more like a bunch of girlfriends playing a exhibition game with zero rivalry. I think they could just swap jerseys and play for the other team at halftime if they wanted without hesitation. 

    • This is why the players don't want anymore expansion for now, they feel like there is too much roster churn for all the teams, they haven't had a chance to really build a team culture. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if we handed back our license. I don't think the club is taking it seriously. 

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