• They are obviously taking this competition seriously.

  • Cool, let's risk our entire season on a Nines tournament. FMD

    • I hope some of thiose players only play a few minutes

  • Go hard or go home, you risk them in trials anyway. Be awesome to start the season on a high with a 9's trophy!! Go those mighty blue n gold's!!!

    • See if you feel the same if Moses does an ACL or a Pec at a tournament he's not obliged to play in.


      • That would be a crushing blow no doubt, but that's the risk. Probably BA isn't risking both Mitch & Dylan.

        • No Moses = Season over. I don't understand this at all.

          • Well, I don't think that is necessarily the case. I get your concern, but sometimes you've just got to take a deep breath and leave it in the hands of the footy gods.

            Put it this way, would you rather he do an ACL in the Nines trying to win the club a trophy, albeit a low priority one, or would you rather he do it in preseason training ?

            I'd rather him do it trying to actually win something, anything, than do it in training.

            • Yes he's that crucial to us. Think Roosters without Cronk, Storm without Smith. Moses has taken control of this side now. Without him we would still win games but you could forget September. 
              As to your question it comes down to this for me, he has to do pre season training. He doesn't have to play Nines. 
              Injuries happen but no need to risk key players unnecessarily. Anyway I'll be cheering loudly. 

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