• Yes for sure! Our eels are active!!!

    we will sign Tim Mannah, followed by David Gower than Takairangia!!!!!

    and we will get Sam Thaiday out of retirement!

    • you must have a source on the inside Peardie. do you have any other scoops?

    • I’d resign Gower in a heartbeat 1 year deal min.wage that dudes getting better with age.

      I’m hoping we can see another young foward introduced with Kaufusi to take Alvaro and Mannah spots.

  • Impatient 

  • No. 

    The inside info I have is that we won’t be signing any new players whatsoever.


    • I have the exact same inside information as Mack. Will be the same team next year.

      • You dickheads, look at who we have signed already and Mark O'Neill looks after this not BA.

        What tunnell have you been down?

    • I'd brush your informant Mack.

      We are quite active in the player market but we are doing it the way BA has wanted these negotiations to go since he first took control of the NRL side and recruitment. "We don't discuss player contract negotiations in public"! is his/our Parramatta Club position, and until this year it was good imo. If not for that a...hole lying "Mambo Joe" that manages Gutho it would not have become public this year either.

      • And BA look traumatised by that circus.

        So much so, they extended his contract.

        • can you tell me where brad is, i heard bali with hes family..

This reply was deleted.

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