I think the Eels will need plenty to go there way if we are to see a better 2024 than last year.  A small injury toll and those injuries not affecting key positions as well as positions with limited depth.  Suspensions limited in numbers and weeks. Luck with the bounce of the ball,  winning most 50 50 games. One advantage ( if you can call it an advantage) the Eels won't be disadvantaged by State of origin selections much if at all. 


     I believe,  if all is equal throughout all 17 clubs,  the Eels will finish outside the top 8 but above the bottom 4, somewhere from 9th to 13th. 

    • I'm of a similar opinion slippery.  We also have very limited talent to call upon from nsw cup thx to our recent non development policy having players like Rankin, ect filling roles with no future nrl role. 

      I'm saying 10th


         I believe a strong under 20's or even 21's competition is a disadvantage for clubs that have a large junior league.  Having a NRL wide competition for the players in-between junior reps and 1st grade would be more beneficial than NSW Cup. Far too many players are being lost tfrom their junior rep clubs as they don't see a quick enough way into the top grade.  

         I would like to see the NRL bring back a NYC competition, possibly under 21's. I would also trial a auction type system where players would continue with their junior rep clubs into their NYC club. Junior rep players that are not wanted by their club would go into an open and transparent auction where there services would be available for all clubs to bid on. This type of competition and system would benefit and encourage clubs to invest more time and money into their junior league development.  Each club should also be linked with a regional or country competition and invest in the development of kids in their area. 

      • Rankin wasn't even top 30 ffs. He wasn't stopping anyone from getting a game. If he played reserve grade it's because there were no youngsters ready to step up. This year there will be.

        • Ranki has been taking up valuable spine positions for 4 seasons here, and wasn't any hope of seeing any nrl time. For mine, reserve grade should be solely used as a stepping stone from flegg to the nrl. The way we've been using the pathways to first grade has been an absolute joke for many years under this coaching set up. It's beyond a joke actually.  We should be one of three premier clubs when it comes to development,  but Parramatta ATM is a laughing stock.  Let's hope that the current crop of flegg players don't get lost in the wilderness 

          • Rankin was playing because we didn't have many youngsters ready for open age footy, other than the cohort who were already playing first grade (Drown, Penisini, Russell). The current crop of SG Ball graduates are ready for reserve grade this year, which is why Rankin is no longer required.

            • 4 years as a gap filler who is not good enough for 1st grade. That's a long time for the club to not fix it.  The club needs to create competition for positions, even in cup if they want players to push themselves. 

              • Absolutely spot on Gaz. And the say we're a development club lol. 

              • Every club has players who aren't good enough for first grade. As I said, Rankin wasn't even top 30 for the last couple of years, and his form in reserve grade still warranted his spot in the team.

    • Spot on.

      I see us around 12th.

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