At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the club asked Parramatta Eels members to pledge their 2020 memberships. At the time there was no guarantee of receiving anything in return or even if the season would restart.

The club, yesterday sent an email detailing what members who pledge their memberships will receive.

- Their name displayed on the current club training facility wall which will then be moved to the new centre of excellence at Kellyville.

- A free 2021 training shirt with their name and the name of the other pledging members.

- A unique pledge number and electronic certificate.

The club has also announced that for all 2020 members, their 2021 membership prices will be frozen. So whatever you paid this year, provided you keep the same membership, you will pay the same next year.

I think this sounds like a fair deal and as someone who pledged their membership early on it was a pleasant surprise to receive this email. The most reassurring part is the freeze on membership fees given the main worry for many fans was a possible rise in fees to make up for this season.

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  • Great effort to all those members that pledged their support.👍👍


  • Agreed Super; same here. You could say that the club and supporters need each other in these times and the freeze on memberships is a good sign. I heard they were also going to add in the signatures of all referees..... and they were consulted about this (sorry had to add that).

  • Great effort from the club.

  • Awesome effort from th eclub and great grattitude shown to the loayal members

  • Great work by club giving back to its members 

    Go the mighty Eels! 2020 will be our year. 

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