Eels in hunt for Wallaby Fullback

The Eels have been strongly linked to Wallaby fullback Max Jorgensen  If successful Max would play fullback and Gutho would move to the centres

A long time Eels official stated Jorgensen could be as succcessful as Ken Thornett who the eels also pinched from rugby

 Here's hoping

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  • Has very good footwork and timing. Great kicker. His very small. I think 83kgs. Defensively not as good as Gutho.

    • 19yrs old, 1.83m, 88kgs which is ok for a fulback.

      Have they got any gun centres looking to play Nrl? 

    • Roosters are cashed up after Sualii and Manu leaving. He'll stay in the Eastern suburbs 

  • Not a chance. The Roosters are all over this. The only way young Max comes to the Eels is of we pay him massive massive overs. 

    BUT if he does, I'll be the first to congratulate the club. 

  • Where did you hear this? Little confusing if the eels are training blaize at fulllback and are chasing this kid 

    • Blaize is training at Fullback but doesn't mean he is the future Fullback for us. He could be but he is training there so if Gutho goes down at any point this year we have a player ready to go into that spot. Plus BA also would like a player that is able to simply swap from either Wing or Centre to Fullback mid game if need be. At the moment only Russell can do that and he has not been great in his limited opportunities to date.

      If Talagi was a Fullback through the grades then yeah i would putting my time and energy into him. But since he can play Centre and Five-Eighth also, i would be getting a kid like Jorgensen also. Why shy away from signing a player like him just cause Talagi is training there? If Talagi is good enough he finds a spot, same if Jorgensen for example is here too. Both are good enough they both get spots somewhere. 

      • I have not seen much of Baize but I was looking at his highlights reel and he doesn't look like a centre or a fullback......he has half written all over him.

        PS I do not want to appear negative LB but I saw nothing to say he is any sort of excitement machine. The way you blokes have been wrapping him I will be surprised if he is anything special. Christ I hope I'm wrong but that was my initial view!

  • Where is this coming from??

This reply was deleted.

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