Eels hunt the Fox

Josh addo-carr to the parramatta eels?

The Parramatta eels will be watching the grand final carefully as they are set to make a huge play for josh Addo-Carr what makes this more interesting is gutho moving to centre and josh addo-carr wanting fullback it all makes sense now that storm bought eels George jennings.


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                • Read it and weep Oh Great Demented One.


                  $700 LARGE !

                  Highest Paid Players | Zero Tackle
                  A list of the highest paid players in the NRL. Contract values are based on reported figures and as such, cannot be viewed as being 100% accurate. On…
                  • If you think those numbers are true your a silly as the Muppett that said we could get Staggs for 350 with Broncs paying freight.

                    • THomas Flegler is supposedly on a higher salary at the Broncs than Paas.

                      Gutherson doesn't make the list but Shaun Lane does.....I reckon agents ring in and tell them what they are worth.

                      Start thinking for yourself Mushy, as you said it didn't make sense when Graham and Col were talking 350 value Staggs and 700 Dbrown......Graham I might add only wanted to pay Dbrown can imagine how long he would have stayed.

                      When Dbrown was negotiating after the Warriors supposedly offered 1.5m for 3 years, my understanding was we paid him a scaled up value of about 500 to 550 a season. If we are paying anymore than that we should have our heads read because at the moment he is about a 400 player going to 500. BUT we would lose him if we went that low.

                    • Pops, not every player in the game has his salary put out into the public arena, I have never mentioned or said anything relating to D Brown as to what he's on either.

                      I referred to Staggs at $350/400 as a base line only, and as a consequence of his injury and if he came to the eels, next year as a result of being released by the mules, with both clubs taking up part of his contract price & we don't know what he's on ATM either, so the numbers are quess work as a result.  

                      Going through those players names and amounts, some are mentioned twice especially the Turbo brothers, as they are shown for contract for this season in one column and then the amounts for both their extension years.

                      As for the eels players, the amount shown for Jnr was what was bandied around when he signed to come back from raiders.  Your last Paragraph pretty much sums it up as to what players in certain positions are paid not so much on current ability but likely with no other options and they are also seen as being the combo's going forward and are those on the keep list. If both halves get their acts together next season & beyond and decide to sign again, then it will likely be for more than shown on the list.

                      In the end, there are only a few eels players on the list and likely those who have made it clear they don't want their contract amounts to their managers, and the club made public, others probably don't care.

                    • Are we confoozing ourselves with the price people are putting on Staggs?

                      Do people mean the Eels pay 350/400 with the Donkeys picking up the balance of 650?

                      This is the way I have interpreted people's comments, but The Great Demented One is taking the figure as an all up amount me thinks.

                      Just thought I would ask.

                      Ps. Poppa loves to argue for no other reason than it pushes some people's buttons, unlike me who just goes straight to the buttons that need pushing.

                    • Mushy, I have in general kept away from trying to put values on players, especially when the OORRFFF season arrives or nears its approach, & getting involved in this particular player and payment thoughts will ensure I don't do so again.

                      Much has been put out by others though regarding who to sign, get this player, that player, or perhaps sack all we have now and get any other ones that are available no matter the cost. which seems to hold the racing mantle for many.

                      Here we are a day after this years GF, and as suspected/anticipated the Storm won out, I watched a little of it as nothing else was worth it on the box, but it was obvious from certain rouses that the Warragamba players would be dammed at the finish, sort of reminded me of the way we went out in our first GF when street parades and the like were held in Church St Parramatta, Prancers did the same, a lot of celebrations and high profile of the players and the beat up over their year with only one loss came back to haunt them in a lot of humilitating play.

                      The frenzy of GF is over, now though November 1 is the big date ahead of us, where on this day the open slather stakes will take place, but with unknown finishers being ready for mounts and possible crashes on the courses. Money and promises will be bandied around all under the shadow of SOO, as many of those will be under the shadow of the big unknown in as far as expectations for the future will be either cheered or crucified, a good bit of coin for some perhaps, but others out in the wilderness to reasses their realities.  For the eels 11 who were confirmed to have left most will have a future rethink as to where they go or not.

                      The eels have 3 new players signed, with apparently more to come, who will they be and how much will they cost?  For me, I have no idea on either account, and likely most on this blog site would be in the same canoe guessing, hoping, speculating and either congratulating the club or condemning it for the choices, and likely how much they are to be paid, too much/little, not worth it and the rest.

                      I personally will just watch with anticipation and hope we get some good extra signings, both of players and perhaps even a couple of new coaching staff for season 2021.  I also hope that next year will be a full season and the two primary lower grades will also be played.

                • Fully Fit!!!??? yes but that wont be until mid year at best or later.

                  As for the aspect of the mules wanting to get rid of him, what was I wrote and base what I said on?  

                  Broncos allowing forward to speak with NRL rivals

                  Brisbane are set for a clean-out, with close to 10 players to be shown the door. SEPTEMBER 2, 2020

                  The Broncos are preparing to clean out their roster, with utility Joe Ofahengaue one of the first names free to speak to rival NRL clubs.

                  The Tongan international is yet to win a game with Brisbane this season, with the club now looking to offload his $500,000-per-season contract.

                  According to 7 News, The Broncos forward has been closely monitored by St George Illawarra as a number of clubs begin to feed off the out-of-favour Brisbane players.

                  Kotoni StaggsXavier Coates and Thomas Flegler have all been allowed to speak with rival clubs from November 1, while David Fifita, Jack Bird and Darius Boyd are all set to depart Red Hill.

                  Ofahengaue remains contracted with the Broncos until 2023, but as the club look to open as much cap room for their incoming coach, they’re aiming to shed as much weight as soon as possible.

                  The Broncos are also considering showing Anthony Milford the door, with the out of form playmaker currently pulling in $1 million.

                  Broncos chairman Karl Morris said the club are making sure they get every decision right.

                  “We’re in no rush with the process,” Morris told The Australian.

                  “One of the advantages of having an open position, as with the CEO role, is you are sometimes surprised by who might be interested and who you might be able to secure.

                  “It is the Broncos — we will be looking for the best coach we possible can.”

                  Now with new coach appointed this may all change, which I had also indicated.

                  Joe Ofahengaue | Zero Tackle
                  Joe Ofahengaue of Brisbane Broncos contract information, NRL news, stats and rumours.
                  • Colin, to start with never listen to anything from Zero Tackle or Chanel 7 

                    No reference was made about Kotoni Staggs and Brisbane paying freight. The reference to him was he could talk to other clubs. Broncs know this because from Nov 1 he can.

                    The reality is that is all garbage talk about the Broncs, we live up here and put up with it every day. 

                    Anthony Milford was going to be captain a week ago and that report had them booting Milford out. Matt Lodge was gone but Walters wants to keep him and it goes on.....

                    Those payments listed by Mushy on Zero Tackle would have no clubs inside the cap.

                    • Look at the players Poppa - Rorters (they have no cap) Storm (same) blah blah etc et al.

                      The Donkeys are a basket case with most of the board scrambling to save their own sorry arses, so contradictory statements out of Red Dawn are to be expected.

                    • All I have ever said regarding Staggs and the mules is that bit about him being given permission to talk to other clubs, also I am totally unaware that one can listen to Zero Tackle, & I don;t watch channel 7 or any other sports shows on TV.  Thing is that as I have said, with Zero tackle and the bit on their site, it also came out in other RL internet news pages. Fox, are just two.

                      Note that I provided the link to Zero Tackle in the first place, if its incorrect then why isn't it pulled up by the NRL, that list has actually been there and updated for some years now, with many removed and others added, most that have been removed are those who retired, or gone o/seas.

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