Eels hunt the Fox

Josh addo-carr to the parramatta eels?

The Parramatta eels will be watching the grand final carefully as they are set to make a huge play for josh Addo-Carr what makes this more interesting is gutho moving to centre and josh addo-carr wanting fullback it all makes sense now that storm bought eels George jennings.


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    • Quoting Fitler, I think he is a natural centre

      Quoting Fulton, he was always going to be a centre

      Quoting Phil, He has Hooker all over him

      Quoting Gutherson, I am happy playing where the team gets the most from me.

      Quoting JAC, I love playing with Clint and having a beer with Duncan

      Quoting Sir COL , how would i bloody know, I didn't know nothing till Pop said you need to look after those dentures.......but I told him I didn't have dementure....Silly old fart!

  • Yeah smells like bullshit.

  • I can't believe we would consider moving Gutho to centre's he just missed out on the dally m by one point and was our best player all year, I stilll don't believe it but if it does ba has rocks in his head 

  • Maybe the fox just said he wants to play fullback to force Melbournes hand in letting him go?maybe he just wants to hang out with his good mate Fergo full time so they can work on some Tic Tok dance routines. 

  • I think what we lacked in some games this year was speed. This is more important now with the 6 again rule. Sivo seems to have gone after a power game this year, to the detriment of speed. Fergo has ongoing knee issues, and I don't think I saw him get into open field very often this year. Gutho, with 2 knee constructions, doesn't have that speed anymore. So we definitely are lacking in this area.

    JAC has speed and is an X factor player. You'd be mad not to try to get him to the club and work out where to play him later. We're in with a good chance as we're in that premiership window and he'd be looking to go a club that's going to taste success in the not so distant future. The other teams mentioned like the Dogs and Tigers are years away from that.

    • Sivo has never shown any great speed imo - the majority of his tries are from a maximum 30 metres out.

      Personally I am getting sick and tired of all this JAC BS and moving THE FULLBACK OF THE YEAR to centre.

      • Agree, imbecilic idea t0 m0ve guth, if we buy Bevan we will be creating a huge am0unt 0f pr0blems.

        His p0siti0nal play and defence is p00r, hes n0t a nrl winger and weve been s0 much better with0ut him, massive liability

        s0rry, 0 key br0ken, using zer0 key


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