Eels hunt the Fox

Josh addo-carr to the parramatta eels?

The Parramatta eels will be watching the grand final carefully as they are set to make a huge play for josh Addo-Carr what makes this more interesting is gutho moving to centre and josh addo-carr wanting fullback it all makes sense now that storm bought eels George jennings.


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          • Good one JBG

            • We certainly need speed.

              I see today that the Jet is on the market. Pity about his busted head, cause he and JAC would fill that need for speed nicely.

        • A replacement keyboard can cost around $10.00 for a cheap one or up to $90.00 for a good one,  I only use a Microsoft Split keybord, I could never touch type until I got one of these, now no issues and don't have to have the light on at night as a result.

          • I buy mine 10 at a time colin, no need to buy split ones, 20 minutes on here and 3 of them are split from bashing the edge of the desk. Could be Snake's problem.

          • Mechanical keyboard with cherry switches is the way to go. I've had Ducky keyboards for years and can never go back to anything else now.

  • This could be just a case of eels being linked to every player who's wants a new deal

  • Gutho to center - haha sorry won't happen.

    Would love Addo Carr but he's going to play wing IF he comes.


    • Frank, only thing though with JAC is he needs a good centre on his inside to create the breaks, also has enough speed to set him up. In that scenario, we have MJ as an unknown for a while now. Which basically leaves us with dead centres, unless  Opacic can fill the bill or a better signing is found. Our current wingers are all but dead ducks, and the 4 is not much better as he's on life support unless he goes to the wings.  

      The question really is with whoever we sign, or have signed is who are those that are best in their respective positions, if JAC only wants the 1 spot for the money, then if he's good enough for say the centres himself then pay him what he's worth, would actually love to see him inside Dunster on the left side.

      • Tom Opacic come on down. Have faith brothers and sisters, if Tom hits form we will have purchased well.

        I have very high opinion of this kid.

      • Ferguson used be centre and as he gets older it may suit him better than wing.

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