Everyone in the media has been talking about the Eels capacity to close out a game through a renewed mindset, but not much mention of our fitness levels.

I don't know how many times last year we looked tired and you could almost pick the point of the game where we were going to lose it purely because we were looking more tired than the opposition, now in 2019 we look much fitter and I think that is playing a massive role in our ability to win the close games.

I also heard Spud Carrol this week say he had taken the eels forwards for a few sessions at his Gym and has taken Kane Evans under his wing and is trying to get a bit more mongrel into him (nice to see an old Retro forward that never played for us, show some interest in the younger NRL generation) 

Not sure what Carrol may have said to Evans , but it seems to have inspired him in recent times

Anyhow I am now preparing for the eels to give it a nice solid shot at aiming for the Top 4. Go Parra


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  • Certain players last year looked tired . But could have been that when we kept giving away possession to the other teams it took its toll . 

    • that is true, we were terrible giving away penalties last year

  • Parramatta defence has been the biggest thing over the last two weeks, it has improved a lot, dragons only scored 4 points off a kick
    And the knights only points came off kicks as well, there line speed and first contact has been very good, and there defence out wide has been sliding as one, M Sivo one on one tackles have improved a lot too.

    There attack has been a bit clunky at times over the last two weeks, that’s where they need to improve at, if they can fix there attack up we can go a long way in the finals

    • I would like to see Dylan Brown cut the 2nd Rower out a little more and go straight to the centres or winger, very clunky with Shaun Lane a number of times in recent weeks

      I think having Jennings back and adding Blake really improves our defence and overall wrestle in the centres. I can only see blake improving each week as he is still finding his feet in a new team and gaining confidence after the injury layoff 

  • Last year fitness was down because of the wrong preparation in the off season. They did too much AFL style training that was focused on long distance running. This year they went back to short distance and repeat efforts at training and came out looking much better

  • I don’t get it Mark Carroll did  1 session after the Storm game and he claims how fit and strong they are!

    this bloke sounds like a wanker! 1 session in mid season and claims our mighty eels success!

    where was he this time last year!!!

    Carroll you Toss

  • It's because we're controlling games better. Moses has been finding touch or getting repeat sets way more often this year. More gas in the tank for the final quarter.

    The game plan against us last year was simple. Belt us through the middle for a set, kick into touch in a corner, keep us camped in our 20. 2017 we had Semi to bash our way out of those situations. Now we have Sivo and Fergo. So the old "beat the Eels" tactics aren't as simple this year.

    I honestly don't think fitness is any different. We just have more size with our wingers, we've got Paulo to bend the line, a solid offload in Lane and Gower and Moses is kicking really well. All that means more time in attack, more game control, and less fatigue.

  • Interesting to watch 360 tonight thinking they would mention Lang, but instead they bagged the Storm with their new tackling tactics, how they are happy to give away penalties and when the panel watched the game again, they realised they could easily being penalised more. They are happy to take the chance, then watch the refs back down. Like I said, calculated cheats. 

  • No Hayne and Norman means more Gutho and Moses. The football god's smiled down upon us when those two left. 

    • Very good point Richard, and points to the old "There is no I in TEAM" scenario, which was not the case with both Hayne & Norman

      I think we are working much better as a team this year

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