Eels 2020 Revised Season Draw

Saw this post making the rounds around social media and this is apparently our draw for the restarted season


 RD3: Broncos, Thursday 7.50pm @ Suncorp (A)

RD4: Sea Eagles, Saturday 5.30pm @ BankWest (H)

RD5: Panthers, Friday 7.55pm @ BankWest (H)

RD6: Roosters, Saturday 7.30pm @ BankWest (A)

RD7: Raiders, Saturday 7.30pm @ BankWest (H)

RD8: Cowboys, Friday 7.50pm @ BankWest (H)

RD9: Knights, Sunday 4pm @ Central Coast (A)

RD10: Sea Eagles, Saturday 7.30pm, TBC (A)

RD11: Tigers, Thursday 7.50pm, TBC (H)

RD12: Bulldogs, Sunday 2pm, TBC (A)

RD13: Sharks, Sunday 4pm, TBC (A)

RD14: Dragons, Friday 7.50pm, TBC (H)

RD15: Storm, Thursday 7.50pm, TBC (H)

RD16: Rabbitohs, Thursday 7.50pm, TBC (H)

RD17: Warriors, Sunday 4pm, TBC (A)

RD18: Panthers, Friday 7.50pm, TBC (A)

RD19: Broncos, Friday 7.50pm, TBC (H)

RD20: Tigers, Saturday 7.30pm, TBC (A)


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  • Interesting to note after the Brisbane next Thursday we don't leave NSW again for the rest of the year unless travel restrictions ease where we would then play the Warriors in NZ. Only can leave NSW at a max 2x still; as it stands it's only 1 however. 

  • Not going to be easy

    Doable but difficult

  • LOL we are fcuked!!!

  • How did the Telehraph see this as an easy draw?

    • How did The Fong see this as an easy draw.

  • Funny the DT said we had a dream run......

     Dream run for broadcasters. Its a tough run if you ask me. First 8 weeks will test us

  • Good to see we have no 6pm Friday night game

  • We play Penrith, brisbane, tigers, bulldogs and manly twice

    And we play roosters, raiders, cowboys, knights, gold coast, warriors, sharks, rabbits, storm, dragons once.

    Positives is we avoid playing roosters storm and raiders twice 

    Negative is we only play goldcoast and warriors once

  • A quarter of our regular season games on a Thursday night ,that seems odd.

    • 5 Thursday, 5 Friday, 5 Saturday and 5 Sunday, we have 3 5 day turnaround's and about the same 8 day ones. It's not a bad draw,  I wouldn't call it easy.

      Actually only 2 5 day turnaround's. 

This reply was deleted.

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