• Lol.

          I actually think you've been secretly converted but you don't want to give up your tough guy image !!!

          • Thats a negative Bretto lol.

            I do respect Brian for his hypnosis and brain washing skills, he's a smooth mover, well versed in the arts of manipulation and hypnosis.

            He's taking everybody for a ride, same with the guy from E3,Pringle, its all a rort imo.

            • That would be C3, Christian City Church, his name is Phil Pringle.

              I'm happy you're watching anyway, some of Christianity's greatest men were pronouned atheists or extremely anti Christian. 

              Isaiah 55:11 11so My word that proceeds from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please, and it will prosper where I send it. 1

              In other words you're still hearing the Word and it will get into your spirit if you keep listening to it, lol.

              I told you mate, I pray for you everyday, you could be a world leading evangelist. Haha !!!

              Strong's Hebrew: 3651. כֵּן (ken) -- so, thus
              • yes C3 sorry.

              • Haha Brett, ive even watched a few entire hillsong services, the singing, rock bands, sermons, the whole show.

              • Brett some of Christianity's greatest men were also real estate agents , I'm one of God's favorites which is why he told me I will have a fully stocked up bar in my qaurters when I go to heaven .

                • You will share it with the rest of the saints, won't you Frankie ?

                • LOLL! Hahaha! Wouldn't trust a real estate agent are far as I could spit! and that ain't far! Especially those with issues and who can't make up their mind if they are a Rooster or Raiders supporter on an Eels site!

                  • Monto lucky for me and all other real estate agents we don't have to deall with people of your poor standard as we have youngsters who work in property management who  deal with deadbeat renters like you .  

                    • 99.9% of real estate agents are nothing more than glorified loan sharks ready to pounce on poor victims. They're book makers at Harold Park offering every thing and giving nothing! You being in the real estate business Fong has ticked all the boxes of exactly why you come across the way you do in 99.9% of your comments on here! Rude, arrogant, condescending and doubly minded.

This reply was deleted.

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