England rugby union coach Eddie Jones says he would “jump” at the opportunity to coach in the NRL.

The former Wallabies coach grew up in Sydney and is a rugby league fan who has supported the Rabbitohs since he was a boy.

Jones is contracted with England until the end of the Rugby World Cup next year and has rejected reportshe’ll then return to the Wallabies almost 20 years after they sacked him.

The 62-year-old has previously spoken about his desire to test himself in the NRL and he confirmed this week that passion still burns inside him.

“I like the game. If there was an opportunity there would jump at it, but the reality is it’s probably not going to be there,” Jones told Nine.

Jones was then asked directly if he’d like to coach South Sydney.

“That would be the dream team. That would be the dream,” he said.

“From the age of five, I’ve supported Souths. That would be fantastic [to coach the Rabbitohs]. I loved the old teams with Ronnie Coote, Bob McCarthy, John Sattler and Eric Simms.”

Would you take the risk and hire him at Parramatta?

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  • In a heart beat. You surround  him with assistants who know the game well. He would be a man manager coach much like a Bennet and would be sensational

  • No, no and hell no.

  • Would be a risk and you have to question his intelligence. Didn't he hire Kidwell or was that a different rugby coach.


    • Nah Kidwell went to Argentina with Michael Cheika

      Jones coaches England.

    • 'Question his intelligence''? you need to do some basic research into Eddie and what he's achieved, he's one of the shrewest, best and most intelligent coaches in world and has been for decades.

      I dont think ive ever heard anybody question eddies intelligence.

      Theres not many rugby coaches id back to understand and make a successful transition to top grade NRL, i'd give eddie a go in a heartbeat.

  • Hi is a rabitoohs supporter. If a few on here have a problem that our CEO being a former dogs supporter, then with that logic Eddie wouldn't work out. 

    • Unlike our CEO, Eddie has the runs on the board and has shown he can take other countries to world cup glory even though he's an Aussie, Eddies a pro.

  • There would be no question as to his loyalty if appointed the Parra job.  Let's face it he is an Australian coaching the English rugby team and doing a mighty fine job at that!  He has brought that team from rabble to one of the worlds best!

    It would take some time adjusting to League as he has been entrenched in Union for the majority of his playing and coaching life.  But the games are not that far removed that he couldn't transition across to League and succeed!

    Lets face it, our club does need an injection of life and a different perspective from where we are and where we are heading now.  If it were to be Jones I would welcome the breath of fresh air and ride the wave to see where this could take us.

    It's time to look toward the future and to have someone different at the helm.  Someone with the presence to attract players as well as inspire juniors to stay and strive to one day wear the blue and gold and not just any NRL jersey......least of all a rainbow one!  Had to slip that one in.....pardon the pun!

  • It's an outside the box hire.

    If you don't want the well worn track with NRL retreads  you could do worse.He's always wanted to do it and probably sees the game very differently to how it's being played at the moment.

    Id also let him pick his own assistants aswell.This stuff isn't rocket science.

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