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Don't Count Kaysa Pritchard Out Of Your Calculations, He's In For A Big Year.

Im going to go against the grain a bit and say Kaysa has a lot to offer and will play a big part this year, hes better than many give credit to imo.

Yes Kings more orthodox, a good player,probably can play to a game plan a bit better, he has a bit more structure to his game than KP but with comes a more predictable game.

KP has a few qualities that are hard to measure, his up tempo style of play and energy lifts our pack, his enthusiasm is infectious out there.

Before he was injured i really thought he was really finding his feet at hooker, you could see his confidence building as a player, he was maturing as a rake.

He might not be what youd call a natural hooker but hes got a lot to offer and more improvement to come and nobody can doubt the blokes got a big ticka, he really has a go out there.

Dont count him out Eels fans, im predicting a big year from him this year.

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Hopefully they can teach him how to pass in the off season

He needs to improve his service from dummy half

His the starting 9 without doubt. Arthur has him already there.

Mate he has 3 to 4 guys already there at training, king, mahoney, pritchard and occasionally a utility..


Hope so. both our hookers are average.

some people fail to realise what to compare players to. They always compare them to once in a life time player, where as they should be comparing them to the average abilities of players in a certain position across the game. For example, I think Cam King, and KP are better than a lot of options out there, so they are not average, but above it by quiet a bit.

Snake, it doesn’t really matter if he is going good or bad, the poor little bastard will be injured after 4 games anyway.

King is just as injury prone as Kaysa.

True, maybe Smith is the answer.

Problem is he gets concussed a lot. I feel more confident with king there

This is my concern too. Whch has a massive efect our bench. He just has that ability to get his head in the wrong place. 

Agree Snake. He was progressing very well until his injury.  Ive always thought the criticism towards him was very unjustified.  If he stays fit, im tipping him to be one of our most consistent all year.


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