Do We Need Our General Back

Watching today's game, I can't help but think we need our Little General back as soon as possible. Last week Gutho stepped up and really played as an attacking halfback and we beat the Cowboys easy. This week Gutho had his hands full with fullback duties, and our game management suffered a lot. I agree Dylan and Field had good defensive games, but being able to game manage and last tackle options they are sadly well behind Moses. The end of sets was terrible for a large part, and our building of pressure when in the red zone was minimal, it just wasn't up to standard for a competition leading team. Of course people will think we won the game then we played well and they will get better but for now I think we need Moses back, what are people's thoughts.

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    • You would know I guess 

  • BA said that Moses will probably be right for next week but they may hold him back until the Titans game.

    • I think we might see Moses back for the Manly game, might not play the whole 80 min though, wouldnt surprise to see Field as a bench player to give him more minutes and experience for later in the year as well.

  • Look Waqa will probably cop a 2 week suspension for his hit on Ponga. 
    Moses to half , Gutho to centre and Field to fullback. 

    • I can't see BA shitting Gutho. Resting Gutho would happen first! Taka to Centre. The old adage of not weakening another position to cover an injury/suspension?

      • Prof, gee! what are you saying re BA & Gutho, is he going to cork his butte, just in case?

    • Nope no way!  Gutho is the fullback fullstop unless injured. He is too valuable and too good to the team from the back.

      • 20 straight Rounds I'd give Dunster a run at FG and give Gutho a break especially v the bulldogs they will be in a world of pain and disarray when we meet them 

        • Interesting Mick but I don't think I would do it as a coach, unless there were injuries. Gutho is the ultimate professional and his behind the scenes directing, talking, encouraging, demanding more, pumping his team up. He really is the heart beat to our team. People don't realise how much he does and contributes off the ball, not to mention how he holds all the players accountable and his team mates respect him immensely. 
          We don't just lose a fullback if you were to rest him, you lose the teams heart beat, but that's only my opinion.

          • It's a very different season BE, already there have been 42 season ending injuries I'm sure the coaching staff are keeping an eye out on how these season ending injuries are occurring if there are patterns emerging. I really have faith in what the club doing but recently our hand is being forced with player's like Oregan, Stone, Moses and Evans out depth is good 

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