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See heaps of people here blasting French, did I miss something? was he really that bad tonight? yes his attack needs work in terms of decision making but his chiming in is getting there, he is in desperate need of an offensive mind to guide him. And defence, haven't realised on the wing that he can tackle???? and people having a go at a fullback for not tackling, its more worrying that our fullback is in position to make so many tackles, what does it say for our front line of defence?

Tonight our worst by a mile was Jennings bros, Hoffman and Takairangi, I thought French wasn't great, but not terrible either. mark my words, he leaves and gets in the hands of a good offensive mind watch him go.

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He wasn’t first grade level , but either were 99% of the squad .  I think people are just disappointed because we had high hopes for French and he’s turned out a fringe first grader . 

His positional play from fullback is atrocious.

Then again teams break apart our front line like its nothing

Can still be a good player but needs time in reserve grade. Latrell played there last years and is now a better player for it
He was a world beater last year. I think that's why he is getting roasted. I think toss a coin for Hoffman or Michael Jennings for worst player. If a new coach does come will be a massive clean out.
He was directly responsible for at least two of their tries, either due to poor handling or shocking positional play. What on earth he was thinking when Souths scored their third try is anyone's guess. Then there were the missed tackles...

They would have scored no matter what he did on that one anyway. They had a massive over lap with both Jennings at marker.

Why he rushed up from fullback to try and pressure Walker is beyond me. Left no one at home for the kick. Silly play.

Yes silly but being back there would not have prevented anything, they had so many numbers it would have been a simple draw and pass.

He's a kid and he tried something that didn't come off. He will learn from it.

Gutherson back to fullback please. French to wing. Moses to 5/8 and Norman No. 7

That's the problem first grade there are players that are going to break the first line of defence so you have to be in a position to defend this as a fullback...... he wasn't .

LB- my Dad and I were having this exact conversation this morning as we sat waiting to check our baggage onto our flight. Dad (a Roosters fan by the way) and I agree with you on all points above

Oh come on amanda, he was appalling last night. 

He’s just not a fullback especially in this system where they don’t offload or do anything to bring him into play unless it’s 10 metres out from the opposing try line he needs to be on the wing he’s proven to be a good winger who scores tries every game


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