Depth chart below shows we needed Tuilagi and will need a top quality left centre- that way Simmo is a good quality depth for all positions in the backs. Still 4 spots left. I put Moretti in even though can't find him contracted anywhere. Put Matterson in the middle even though he is on the Eels site as an edge - seems to struggle with lateral movement in defence on the edge.


Depth (26)

FB: Gutho (1)

Wing: Sivo, Russell, AMS, Dunster (4)

Centre: Penisini, Simmo (2)

Halves: Moses, Dylan, Asi (3)

Hooker: Lussick, Hands (2)

Lock: Hopgood, Ofa (2)

Middle: RCG, Paulo, Wiremu, Matterson, Moretti, Makatoa (6)

Edge: Lane, Cartwright, Tuilagi, Doorey, Mataele (5)

Other: Momoisea (1)


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  • Interesting, thanks for putting it together. We look really light in the backs.

    • Yes and then again we have some very good backs a few years away 

  • One thing Wile, I think we have to be careful giving a top 30 spot to Dunster, who says he will actually come back to any level to where he was, after all he was always a marginal first grader and was not overly quick when he had two feeling is he should be playing park football and we bring up someone like Martin (played Flegg this year and is very quick and a footballer to boot) he would take Dunster's role in your squad as the no 4 backup on the wing. if Dunster recovers to where he was he will get his chance.

    Likewise Momoisea is a waste of space and we should be encouraging the best of those Flegg boys after we purchase the needed left centre and winger we desperately need. Bring some of those kids into the team and having them training in the main squad is the best way of retaining them from the prying eyes that would have been looking at them at the end of that series.

    Finally I had a belief that Doorey had played a fair bit of centre in his develoment period, does anyone recall same and could they make a comment from the time?

    Question for Brett Allen,  if you were playing say RM Cup for Parramatta, who pays the bills? i.e. lets say Dunster is on a contract for 250k, can that cost be taken over by say the leagues Club and effectively they have bought him out of his contract and it doesn't remain under Parra's cap?


    • Dunster lost all confidence last year, he may come good again

      • I still think there's a capable NRL winger when fully fit. He's not a match winner, but there a lot of very capable NRL players who aren't match winners. 

    • Lol doorey to centre

      • Didn't you laugh when Niukure went to centre as well, oh that's right you know nothing about the game.

        PS Look at the question I asked.....I didn't say "to centre" it was a question of can he play centre?

        Finally I would like to get inside your head, what makes an idiot like you tick from the perspective of a supporters site, not once have you made a positive suggestion or an alternative solution to anything, your avatar makes you look like a "smart arse" can I just say there is nothing smart about you, so that means your just an "arse".

        Time for a new alias 'rapidshit' you hardly did justice to this one!

        • You know anything about rapidset popa . I'm building a pergola and need advice 

    • Whoever has the contract. If he's contracted to the Eels but relegated to RM Cup, we still pay his salary. The Leagues Club isn't a registered football club, they can pay him, but they can't register his contract. 
      To answer you're unasked question, if he's in our top 30 paid players, and he almost certainly is, then his contract counts against our cap. 

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