Debt must be repayed!

What goes around comes around, wether u believe in karma or not, this sunday is our opportunity to reverse history and get our revenge.

2009 we were rorted of a premiership from a melbourne storm team that was 2million dollars over the salary cap as a result a legend and icon of this great club never got his chance to win the premiership. Nathan hindmarsh, we got your revenge and it wasnt in 2010 when we beat them at parra stadium, it was 2022 when we kicked them out of top4 contention and forced them to loose to there bogey team in the raiders.

Speaking about the raiders and good old ricky. In 2013, 2014 he dragged this club through the mud only to dog us and leave to the raiders after creating friction with the playing group and coaching staff. He used us as a stepping stone and as a result we took our revenge in week 2 of the finals as we used hes "weak gutted dog" team the raiders as a stepping stone to get to the prelims.

In the prelims we avenge history one more time against the  cowboys, the team that would always upset us in the finals only to get smashed the following week. Wasting our opportunity in 2005 .  2005 was our year and they took it away from us only to get embarrassed in the gf by a rookie tigers team, well now that the cowboys rookies have emerged we embarrassed them in the prelims.

that leaves one more injustice that must be repayed, the sins of the pussy cats must be paid for in blood. The rorting and injustice caused by the panthers in 2021 will not be forgotten, amongst the eels players and fans! They screwed us in 2021 by manipulating the rules and stole a premiership that we would have won, There arrogance will be there ultimate downfall as they are slain in the hands of the mighty parramatta eels!

All eels fans awaken and rise up as we avenge the sins of history!


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  • Nice one bro, GO THE EELS!!!!!

  • Hopefully the last one comes true.

    Blaze, are you going to Blaze one for the mighty EELS on Sunday? Or are you having some now?


    • Nah not blazing up on sunday unfortunately. 


  • Like your thinking and bring it on

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    • Snakey do you ever sleep

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