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Dealing with the children these holidays - indoors v outdoors.

My kids are good kids but they have a problem maybe an addiction to gaming on the X box to playing with their ipads and watching TV.

Its a hassle to get them outside on a nice day. We have a pool, a football oval 3 minutes walk away and all sports equipment such as a basket ball ring and complete gym set and a boxing bag.

What do you do to get them outside without using the technique of taking down the internet.

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Dear oh farking dear..

Anyway, back to the blog.

We bought our kids Ipads etc last year and my wife and I still believe it was a bad move however, kids do need to keep up with tech and friends etc to an extent. Our kids are strictly banned from any social media and do not have their own phones...yet.

This Xmas we bought them a kayak each, a Fitbit watch and a 14 foot trampoline. They barely touch their devices now.

My kids have had iPads since they were old enough to hold them . Sometimes they’re glued to them in a trance like state , other times they wouldn’t even know where they were . We are a very active family and they’ve got a natural balance between being interested in absorbing the information we give them about all sorts of things in the world and being glued to YouTube . 

The day i notice they wont raise their eyes to see what’s going on around them is the day I stomp on their iPads .  My mate who’s Maltese hates anything technology snapped his kids  2 iPad minis and his Mrs laptop recently in a fit of rage because he got sick of talking to a brick wall . Absolutely true story .  Being Maltese he’s as tight as a fishes arshole and regretted it big time a few days later . 

Happy days Wiz

That's a great story about you and your great grandma Wiz. I bet not much of that sort of thing goes on these days. Except for John Eel and his grand kids of course.

That's the Bobby Brady cut Wiz.

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Haha !!  

Rent the little runts out as child labour muppet, just claim its work experience

Museum entry for the kids under 15 is free.







F*** ME DEAD, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT................

The sun is undefined but now is lost to a definition claiming its rays of light/life for itself - so now all the magnificent rays turn back on "self" and where once there was the undefined magnificence of life/light is now only darkness/death, the e-go, a black-hole of emptiness that is HELL.
We are each an undefined radar already experiencing everything we are experiencing of life/reality - but when we allow the intention of others to define our life experiences and we default to the definition as being our life experience, we have allowed the blimp of definition to appear on our radar to define our life experience which in fact defiles and corrupts who we really are, the undefined MAN. Now we have become the darkness of the self-centered sun.
We are already the undefined, the eternal undefined here and now, where we have always been. There is no determination or definition required for us to do so and it is fantasy (e-go) if one commands/implies such action.
Watch out for exclusivity and privilege adorning "self" because they are definitions attempting to define the reality of another.
Undefined passion is passion as in the inspired intention to reach out to brothers and sisters unconditionally, hence the living water of MAN'S breath encoded with the living dreams of undefined MAN'S life we each hold in every breath - all brothers/sisters breathe the undefined dream of life we each create (all intentions, dreams, thoughts, feelings, e-motions, etc, are encoded in every breath) and we are all at the effect of each other because the water of MAN'S breath is undefined as is MAN'S soul, they are in fact "one and the same" (so to speak).
The sun is already shining and it is undefined. It does not provide you with definitions to explain the experiences you are having with it before you experience the sun. Children don't need to go to school to learn about the sun. If you are the undefined sun too, you are not defining who you really are for the experience of others because that is just a definition that is not the experience you are having. You are just being true to the experiences you are. You do not have to explain it and to do so is to lie and to mislead others. This is why MAN and MAN'S earth is defiled and corrupted and heading for annihilation.
When we define reality to innocent children which we do when we say (call-out) "this is a daffodil and it is yellow" and go on with a scientific explanation about its claimed reality, its purpose for life, we are actually telling all children that they are no longer magnificent, that they can't work things out in their unique, original ways, that they must always have doubt and uncertainty about who they really are and what they are really part of, and that they must always cling to definitions coming from other men and women and use them as nipples to suck on over and over and over again for the whole of their lives. This is how we create educated slaves and this happens because the definitions have now defined their reality for them. They live for the definitions and willingly follow them.
Thoughts are dreams and dreams are thoughts and definitions are imaginary thoughts/dreams not of their unique/original creation. We (men and women) can create the vessel (the living body of the child) but we cannot create the soul - only the child (MAN) can do this.
Through the education, instruction, suggestion, explanation, indoctrination and brainwashing of definitions, we are telling/instructing children how to think, how to feel, what is right, what is wrong, etc, about everything of reality they sense, and in doing so, can no longer directly sense the magnificence of the living dream of life all around them. There is a massive difference between imagining reality and already being reality.
The definitions that we feed innocent children tell them to destroy magnificence, which is why they can destroy mountains, rivers, forests, brothers and sisters. If the child is there AS the magnificent flower, the child will never destroy the flower but, if the child is disconnected and feels separate from the flower, thanks to imagining definitions as truth and reality, the child can destroy the flower. Imagination is fantasy and it is only through imagination that we have all ended up in this terrible situation, "The System" of imagining reality and truth, where we are destroying everything of the magnificence of the living dream of MAN'S life, the unique and original undefined soul. The definitions we worship have us destroy who we really are and, as destroyed (defined) MAN, exploit and destroy everything and everyone around us.
If a child is undefined, the child is the magnificence of reality all around, eternally, instant by instant. When a child falls into the definition, the child withdraws from the magnificence of the life that they are sensing and, in that withdrawal, they are the trauma of their disconnection from reality and have fallen into the discontent of non-sense (the imagining of reality and truth) where the occultists have formed their fantasy dream world for grown up children to be lost in forevermore, "The System", the only place where occultists have power and control over others.
To be lost to fantasy is to default the whole of their lives to "The System" where the imagining of their God, Jesus, Big Bang, Aliens, Money, Law, Govt, "Self"/"NAME", Nation/Country/Race, Culture. Titles, Standings, Status, etc, rules them by proxy to occultists who are hiding behind curtains of secrecy defining "The System" wonderland of their enslavement, the matrix.
It is occultists (high level Freemasons - Priests/Priestesses) manipulating and prodding everyone imagining definitions as reality, with the intention to exhaust and direct all their life energy into "The System" and for "The System" as slaves under dictatorial slave masters, the occultists.
Everything of reality has a good heart because the true essence of reality is magnificence but, as we fade away from magnificence into the corruption of the definitions, the intentions of our good hearts has us now show up being confused and lost. Even though we still sense the good heart in everything, the definitions we cling to have us defile and destroy everything sacred. We must first be desecrated before we can desecrate what is sacred, starting with the undefined purity, sincerity, innocence and magnificence of MAN'S unique original soul, our children.
While shooting a video of the Love For Life Food Forest (vege/fruit/herbs/etc) Garden, Arthur talks about insights to do with reality (SENSE) and fantasy (NON-SENSE) that is the clearly defined distinction between MAN'S live-in-g paradise and fallen-duped-MAN'S live-in-g hell that is "The System".

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Where Your Living Dreams Are
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
24th October 2017
The Selfie Of Freakenstein
The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practice
Love For Life Website Home Page
More to be posted (the best parts) there shortly. :)


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