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Dealing with the children these holidays - indoors v outdoors.

My kids are good kids but they have a problem maybe an addiction to gaming on the X box to playing with their ipads and watching TV.

Its a hassle to get them outside on a nice day. We have a pool, a football oval 3 minutes walk away and all sports equipment such as a basket ball ring and complete gym set and a boxing bag.

What do you do to get them outside without using the technique of taking down the internet.

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Here’s a pic of a young Wiz on one of his outings in his Catchit jacket with his great granny , not sure why Mum thought my hair looked good as a helmet though . I was very much ahead of my time with the Beiber hair look.

Fark, my mum gave me the exact same bowl haircuts as yours wiz, they must have gone to the same hairdressing school.

Dunno what’s doing there , my mum used to take me to the hairdressers down the road so the worst part is someone in the trade did that atrocity.  They were obviously on the cheap side by the looks of things . If she’d done it herself I could understand lol . Looks like I’m wearing an 80’s yellow Stackhat helmet. 

Funny hiw bad trends return , the Beiber hair , the peach coloured short shorts , the Polo shirt as suitable attire outside of the tennis or golf day , the bad jacket . The only thing that hasn’t returned somewhere in time from that awefull getup is the rip and tear shoes.  

Other than the special person shoes and those hideous socks I could wear that to a music festival and be considered to be fashionable lol . 

You remind me of me in that pic with my grandma, you and i were dressed the same by the looks of it lol, my gran played a big part in my life too after we lost dad bless her, she was a very special lady who i loved dearly..

Talking of haircuts, at boarding school we had no control over our hair, the brothers ordered you to cut it when it touched your collar especially in the younger years, short back and sides for everybody, everybody no matter who you were got the same hair cut.

The hairdresser brother was about 60, a child loving literal monster, none of us really knew how bad until years down the track when he was jailed.

If you saw him coming your way with a little card with a time on it youd get quite scared.

The line he'd say to every kid in a real ped0 voice was 'gday handsome, looks like you need a haircut' he'd hand you the card with a time or just tell you the time.

The hairdressing room had one proper hairdressing chair and a mirror, it was located IN HIS PRIVATE BEDROOM, that was inside a yr 7 dorm full of 60 kids, he had full mirrored glass surrounding the room so he could watch all of the kids getting changed and going about their duties, his whole room was surrounded by beds less than 1m away.

His entire walls was covered in pictures of kids faces after a haircut, probably over 300 at least pictures.

There was no waiting room chair in there so other kids could watch what hes doing, hed close the door, others would have to come at a set time.

He'd make you sit down, he was in his white marist brother robe with brass and ebony cross and as he would make sure had the chair the right height so he could rub and rest his crutch on your leg as he cut your hair and told you how handsome you were while asking about details of your family life to see if youd be easily groomed, all this while taking a few happy shots for his collection.

We'd always make sure we cut each others hair so it wasnt on our collars and wed cut our fringes short so we wouldnt be asked to go, not that that would stop him from making you go..

You might be thinking how was this type of thing possible in the 80s, the whole system was run by predators, they looked after each other, hid the complaints and paid out of court with any big dramas.

All 3 dorm masters in year 7 and 8 were monsters who worked in tandom.

All this might explain why ive not once been to a hairdresser in the last 25 years lol.

Far out Snake. Do you go into a cold sweat every time you walk past a Just Cuts salon?

Haha, ive got long platted hair these days, one big one down the back,i dont even like people touching my head.

Just trim the ends off it myself when needed.

This is true lads, Snake wears his hair pretty long these days.

Here's a recent snap:

That was like a Penthouse forum story for pedos lol . 


LOL i just spat out my morning Coffee Wiz you prick LOLOLOL!!

lol a 1EE classic line right there.

It wasnt unusual for you to be taking a shower, the showers had no doors, the priests would walk back and forth in the shower room past the showers just watching everybody like they were just strolling around the street, folder in hand.

In the first 2 showers there were taps that were knee height on the back wall of the shower.

Very often youd be shampooing your hair or lathering the soap up washing yourself and youd look down, there would be a brothers head at your c*** level, filling up a bucket of water FFS, looking at your ass or c*** while very slowly filling the bucket, then taking it back to his rooms and pouring it down the sink and repeat process.

We had to line up for showers, no talking, only had a towel around you, if you spoke you had to do 50 pushups while the brothers stood above you watching, if your towel fell off you wernt allowed to stop and put it back on, you had to keep going or youd have their boot in your ribs.

If we spoke after lights out in the dorm we were forced to stand outside only in underpants till the brother told you to come back in, very often it was 4am in the morning, 6 hours later.

These kents were sadists and monsters who many went on to abuse in other schools because our school turned a blind eye to it.

Some of the stories i can tell are so bad people in todays day and age would have a hard time believing it but ask anybody who was there at the same time and earlier, they will all tell the same type of facts from their time.

No family should let their children be raised by brothers or priests or live in the same rooms as them, anybody out there thinking of sending their children to religious boarding schools for 'care'..........Dont.


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