David Fifita

Curious as to others thoughts.. with David Fafita free to negotiate with other clubs from November 1st, what bearing may yesterdays result have on his intent to stay with the Broncos?

Parramatta are building something special for years to come, the money on offer is very very competitive.....



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  • Numnerous blogs about it already but yes, he is reportedly a target but he will get close to $1million a season I wreckon. Not sure we will compete with other Clubs for that kind of money.


    • Understand numerous blogs already EE, but my thought and subsequent question stems from the fact that the big fella has visited BankWest twice and experienced the atmosphere and a hiding at the hands of the Eels both times.

      What is being built at Kellyville with the Centre of Excellence will be the pride of the league.

      Blind Freddy can look on in awe at that backline and who wouldn’t want to pack down with Nathan Brown, Shaun Lane and enjoy the ride that will be Reed Mahoney coming of age and developing into a future rep. 

      • I like your thinking Archie and Fafita would be a fantastic purchase but I worry about the synergy that Parra has with the current group and the development concept that could be ruined by purchasing a million dollar player and how that fits the culture that is being developed. 

        Some teams lose their balance when trying to buy a premiership team.....yes I would love to have him because he is so good.....but I honestly don't think we need him. Matterson maybe the ideal recruit at half the price?

        • Probably a good point as well Poppa. One big issue is that your top five paid players all need to be leaders, and Fifita would only be 21 in his first year away from the Broncos.

          • Pou along with your thoughts about age. Nathan Brown (coach Brown) made the point that he believed that the Broncos roster was too young and lacked experience. I believe he is correct. 

            I would like Fifita on our roster but he is not a million dollar player. He did not do a lot on the weekend and his work rate generally is lower than you would expect from an NRL Edge player.

        • Matterson doesn’t seem like he has a great attitude and might cause trouble. But great for his price and I am personally a big fan. But Fifita is very very mature and well spoken for his age and from what I’ve heard he’s a really good kid and will fit in well at parra. Hell Mahoney and Fifita will know each other very well because they’ll play alongside each other for years for the Maroons. Haas and Fifita alone have to carry the broncos entire team, if Fifita came here we can harness his power and unleash him when he needs to. 

        • A good call Poopa. I’d take him if he and Arthur can patch up thier differences.

      • The Broncos have Suncorp Stadium & their HPC. We don't have a significant advantage there.

        • Face palm


  • He’s not worth 1 million a season. Price tag has dropped since Moeroa but 1 over him, that’s the lasteat rumer

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