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Forget Quade cooper. If there is one player i would like to see  in the blue and gold it is Danny McGuire from Leeds. Would be cheaper too. Only 27 with a few good years left in him.Come on ando. Ring your english friends and sign him.

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He is one of ESL best. I always wondered why this guy hasn't come out here to test himself because he has got what it takes to cut it in the NRL. Having said that it amazes me why Ando hasn't tried to bring some Pommies out here because he was a very popular coach in the ESL. Your right Peter, come on Ando call on your mates in the UK to try and bring a half, winger and centre as I am sure you will get some players that will cut it in the NRL at reasonable prices. Look how good Burgess and Ellis are going.
seriosly the thing i was most excited about ando coming was the fact that he'd have the power to bring over some classy english players.... really suprised it hasnt happend yet
He'd cost atleast 300k and imo is only on par with players such as Nathan Fein, Anthony Watts, John Morris or other decent but not great utilities, who would cost half.
I agree... Was very good when he first started but hardly blue chip at the moment.


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