Curtis Scott

Hearing a few rumours and from TCT parra have signed Curtis Scott on a train and trial for 2024 season. 
By seasons end with him and Penisini as our centres it makes our team look a lot stronger. 
everyone's thoughts?

of course this means he can't play before round 10

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    • No it's know where near official the nrl have turned down his last ditch attempt at reinstatement.

      Curtis Scott will not be coming to the Eels end of.

      • Sport Confidential: NRL knocks back Curtis Scott contract bid

        Curtis Scott has had his request for one last chance in the NRL knocked back leaving the Storm premiership star looking at a surprise career lifeline.


        The exiled former centre had been in discussions with at least two clubs about resurrecting his career having met with the NRL in recent months.

        Talks with one club had been progressed with the potential for a top-30 deal but nothing was ever formalised.

        With no club willing to put forward an official deal, the NRL have since told Scott this week that there are no plans to allow him to return to the game next year.

        Former NRL player Curtis Scott has had his hopes of a retrn to the league dashed. Picture: Richard Dobson
        Former NRL player Curtis Scott has had his hopes of a retrn to the league dashed. Picture: Richard Dobson


        Scott has also held discussions with Super League clubs while there is an option about switching codes and giving rugby a go.

        Scott had told the NRL he has transformed his life off the field over the past two years and would stipulate in his contract that he would be banned from drinking any alcohol.

        Scott, 26, won a premiership with Melbourne Storm in 2017 and was regarded as a future NSW State of Origin representative but his career has been plagued by a string of off-field incidents.


        He was sentenced to a 12-month community corrections order in 2022 after being found guilty of three charges – assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and stalk or intimidate with the intention of causing fear or physical harm – against his ex-partner.

        Scott had been sacked by the Canberra Raiders in 2021 for a separate offence. He has since been playing park football with the hope of returning to the NRL.

        “I am sorry,” Scott told this masthead in October.

        “I regret all the incidents heavily. They play on my mind daily. I’m extremely sorry I’ve brought the game into disrepute.”

        Scott could look to push his claims for an NRL return via reserve grade.

        Daily Telegraph
        Daily Telegraph
  • Smith-shields just signed with the titans weren't parra after him?

  • Also junior tupou looks like heading to the roosters

    • Or Canberra

      Tracey to Canterbury also.

      While us? Harper is available? You beauty he will do, no matter that we lost a back and added a back so our depth is exactly the same as last year. Including a back that is in our top 30 but the coach does not even trust using so uses Lumelume who would struggle getting a run in ESL nonetheless at another NRL club.

      Now Canberra have lost Morkos and HSS, they wont let Cotric go, one option gone. Tupou is wanted by Canberra (makes sense) and the Roosters who do not need a starting winger, as Daniel Tupou might move on but they signed Lewis Murphy from England to pair him up with Young. They do not need backs. Our biggest need is backs and we signed one.

      Only thing i can think of in terms of why is they are prioritising juniors, but none wont be 100% ready until mid 2025. Maybe Talagi, but after him i doubt any are ready by 2025. I would respect them more going for Junior Tupou and just missing out.

      Hooker has been mentioned as our biggest weakness and that is fair but hardly anything on the market due to it being a specific position, not as many Hookers as there are backs. Hands and Lussick will do enough, our current backline wont.

    • Really after them just signing Dominic Young they have enough to go get Junior Tupou aswell wow.

      • yep they are favourites atm

  • Looks like the dogs are buying every NRL player. It will a 1 team competition bulldogs vs bulldogs grand final

    • I think we are heading towards the next salary cap scandal with Canterbury. Gus is pissing enough people off that there is bound to be a whistle blower. As we know the only way a scandal happens is with a whilstle blower. Canterbury have to be pushing their luck . 

      I reckon they're feeling pretty comfy laundering it through Laundy . 

      • Definitely Wiz very suss indeed! Trouble is the nrl won't want to upset Laundys backing and Gooould would have enough dirt on lots of club's goings on as well ...would the nrl want that mess 🫤

        St George will be next (with new coach new start) with all the wealth backing them 

         surely there has to be someone with money well connected business wise out parra way ... we need just one :((

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