Current Thoughts on Gutho as Captain

I really like Clint Gutherson as a player and he's improved heaps since he first came to Parra and he's high energy and he brings so much to the Eels side. I'm just wondering if the Eels would be better having a Captain amongst the forwards ( who is another question) there has been some criticism from Mark Geyer and Co that Gutherson's verbal spray at Opacic was out of place and unnecessary and not good as a team Captain. I'm in two minds as whether Gutho is the right fit for a Captain. What do you think?

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  • I think mb the spaniel is reacting to mb coming to terms with the fact BA is not the coach to the promised land 

    mb he feels quite compromised w loyalty and frustrated and this is coming out at times 

    • Good point Carlo

    • Oi Carlo, I now refer to the origianl spaniel as the Kelpie X since he put weight on and stopped getting rag dolled.

      Runs all day long chasing the herd, his best friend and loyalty is to his master.

      Not blessed genetically or a prize winner at the easter show but valued sitting on the eels tucker box.

    • Yes, you may be right there 

  • BA needs to go, he's been here for almost a decade now and granted he's had a positive impact on getting the eels to being consistent and playing finals footy, we need a coach with the mentality and killer instinct to know when there are issues with the team. For instance it took him 1.5 years to figure out waqa blake and ferguson don't work together on the right hand side...


    THen he plays his son as a back-up half to our main halves...



  • Thats why I like co captains 1 back 1 forward.

    I don't see a forward leader maybe Reed maybe RCG 

    • I don't even know who are vice-captain would be in Gutho was out.

      I think i remember when Gutho left a game once due to HIA Moses and N. Brown took over i think, but wouldn't want any of them doing it full-time.

  • Gutho is a piss poor leader who has no effect on the the team when they are in hole or under the pump . A good leader is able to have a positive effect on their team when the things are going wrong but Gutho has no effect , when Parra hit a wall so does Gutho plus he makes to many dopey mistakes under pressure in general play .


    Parra has not had true leadership since Ray Price.




  • When you play on my team, I will yell at you and you better be doing all the little things right, in return I show you how to be a ruthless winner. 

    We can be chill off the field/court, but you better be on when you play on my team. 

    Gutho could have chosen his words better, but the demand and aggression is right on the money. I'm sick of seeing hi fives after dumb errors.

    • I'm with ya kurupt 

      but im more sick of the fucking bromance after a game 

      will was filthy no one else last game 

      im all for a spray 

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