Crawley bagging Eels

Im so fed up with Paul Crawley banging on about how the Eels are disrespecting Gutho. He can just F@#* off. Every time is see him on tv or an article he has writen, its about the Eels and Gutho's contract. If he keeps going i fear he will have an influence and cause a rift between Gutho and the club. Even at the post match press confrence he couldnt help but ask BA about it, when he should have just talked about the great display we put on in that awesome stadium. Its like he cant find anything else to talk about in rugby league

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        • I just vomited in my mouth

      • Lol

    • Kram Happy days

  • Yeah he's agenda with the Eels has been relentless lately & i seen him at the bar the other day those wrinkles are about an inch deep & he loves Bennett 

  • Mate I feel your pain! However, please remember that these guys know nothing. Having attended many training sessions I can assure you they no NOTHING about what goes on at our club! They write about us because of the readership we bring, they don't write about the Dogs because none of their supporters can read. Further, since Bernie has taken the reins, we leak less than a nuclear sub. Sterlo is not in the slightest bit worried, I listen to him!   

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    • Every journalist in the game is biased and talks shit. The one exception is Andrew Webster who calls it as he sees it. Crawley has an agenda and would be on the take from Ayoub to push the story and pressure the Eels

      • I don't mind Webster  All the jurnos on the Sunday footy show agreed Parramatta is doing the correct thing  

  • Andrew Webster’s on the take too except his sniffing some arse the poor bastard 

  • BREAKING NEWS: Paul Crawley is player and coach manager for the entire parramatta squad 


    seriously if I saw a headline like that I would not be surprised. I actually jumped on and was about to start a thread about him . He is literally every single day for the past month going on about contracts at our club.

    he is making me so sick and driving me crazy , he makes me feel that Paul Kent is balanced,

  • Paul Crawley is still peed off because he was too fat to become a jockey aimho 

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