Crawley bagging Eels

Im so fed up with Paul Crawley banging on about how the Eels are disrespecting Gutho. He can just F@#* off. Every time is see him on tv or an article he has writen, its about the Eels and Gutho's contract. If he keeps going i fear he will have an influence and cause a rift between Gutho and the club. Even at the post match press confrence he couldnt help but ask BA about it, when he should have just talked about the great display we put on in that awesome stadium. Its like he cant find anything else to talk about in rugby league

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  • I bet he is mates with Gutho's manager.

  • Crawley is the same turd that also reckoned Bennett left Newcastle in good shape, nothing to do with that fact his brother was on the coaching staff under Bennett.   He's another bottom feeding media grub, no one deserved big money after last season, especially Guth who was coming off his second knee Reco.  If we had of signed Guth,BA, and Moses to big multi year deals after a couple of games him,Kent and that bald scrotum Hooper would be bagging the club for going off early.  Guth's manager is playing it out in the media after he isn't getting what he wants.  Surely thats a good thing the club is pandering to player manangers anymore???

  • Crawley and Rothfield are the two biggest dopes in the media, they are both clueless.

  • Never heard of him! So he must'nt be important.

  • These clowns cant influence shit... The media is desperate for a story and the eels are their meal ticket - David Ricco claiming contract negotiations are creating problems within the squad and Andrew Webster firing back saying we won the wooden spoon last year the club has every right to stick solid and not bow to player managers. The tele and ricco can get farked.. 

    • Its funny it's all the Telecrap journos Mick, Brett Read also said you can't blame the Eels for going about the way they have. Kent nearly had a fit listening to someone not bag the Eels.

      • No balance Al telecrap is compliment

  • I think Paul Crawley s a eel fan he is worried we lose our best players and sign no one to replace them if he is will he not alone there because that what im thinking that will happen 

    • Paul Crawley is a Knights fan.


    • I was talking to him at a Junior Trial game on the Central Coast. This was during the pre season this year. 

      You may have something there Paul 

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