Could the Eels Sign Napa?

Just heard on the radio that dylan napa is being shopped around by the dogs and a rival sydney club is about to pounce. So im putting 2 and 2 together with release of alvaro do you guys think napa or lodge will replace alvaro spot in the squad. Because in my opinion theres no doubt that we will be signing somebody soon. We have 3 spots in our squad remaining now.

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  • I fail to see how Napa is better than Alvaro 

    • Agree, I tend to see Napa on Par with Evans, so just maybe ahead of Alvaro.

      • Maybe, I'd rather see Kaufusi get those minutes though

    • Napa was an Origin prop who is down on form.

      At his best Alvaro is a long way from being a Origin prop and in my opinion never will be one.

      Big difference. 

      • I said I'd rather see Kaufusi get Evans minutes. 

        • Yep we talk about developing our own and go figure as soon as a name becomes available let's get him screw a guy like Kaufusi 😂  

          • Nows the time to spend minutes on Kaufusi whilst our best middles are in their prime years. This is the time to give our 3 young middles plenty of minutes, especially Kaufusi. 

            • 100 % don't be going spending money when we don't have to.

              This team best be loading up on outside backs that's the area of need in the next year or 3.

        • You also said you fail to see how Napa is better than Alvaro.

          I do agree that Kaufusi should get more game time though. 

  • I think Napa would be good for us. I think part of his drop in form is that he isn't a starting prop. I think if we do get him, he'll provide good impact off the bench.

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