Congratulations JA

well done JA, that last 25mins was very good first grade quality half-back play. 

Hopefully that was a turning point in your development and you have won over the fans, you won me over with that 25 minute period.

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  • The most important thing for any half is what is between the ears. Sure JA isn't as fast as Moses or Hughes, he doesn't have the swerve or agility of Walker or Munster, but what is extremely evident in the modern game is every team needs a game manager at 7. The impact of Reynolds at the Broncs or Chad at the Cowd is obvious. The difference between a 6 and a 7 has never been more evident. At 19 JA is nowhere near a Reynolds or Chad or Cleary but he's got time on his side. JA certainly seems to have the work ethic to keep honing his skills like Cronk did. Cronk was absolutely a clutch player. He honed his skills to be extremely robotic but the intelligence to develop his play with the athletic players around him like Slater was unbelievable. 
    Maybe just maybe JA has some footy intelligence that those around him get to see that we don't. All he needs to do is to keep developing those skills. These things I don't know yet with JA but what I do know is there is way more to being a premiership winning half than physical attributes. It's what is between the ears that is the most important. 
    Now with that in mind up until now you could argue Moses hasn't exactly been a clutch player for us. However what we have seen is major developments in Moses's game over the last 3-4 seasons. Im hoping his clutch sideline conversion earlier in the year was a defining point in Moses's career and his ready to go to another level this September/October 

  • Moses is looking at returning for the Bulldogs game, fingers crossed. 

    • After last Dogs game and what I saw last night , maybe Moses should just be extra vigilant and take an extra week. 

      • The main knock we put on Jake is he's slow in lateral D. and also when he runs it! But we also know he is young and could become faster in the future when he grows into his "footy body."                                                                          We signed a very young Front-Rower years back and he was so slow it was like watching block of wood ambling along. He stayed a couple of years, went to the Tigers, found his legs and the speed came and he became a very good Forward for Years. That turn around was amazing for Ray Cashmere.

        • The main knock on Jake around here was his last name.

          • That's utter rubbish coryn, JA supporters use that line because there was nothing to back up their side of the argument. Up until the last 25 minutes last night  he has produced nothing to suggest he should be in the 17. Even now after last night he still should not be in the 17 if both moses and Brown are available. 

  • FUCK ME he is shitttttttttt,

  • Jake has copped a lot on this site lately and deserves some recognition. I would not go overboard at this stage and will wait and see how the next few weeks go for him and give him the credit he earns.. Personally I thought Gutho played exceptionally well as the creative half in the first half.

  • Two try assist in the second half other than that I hardly noticed him. I like many was waiting for him to stuff up but he didn't. 

    • How many try assists, trys and set up 2 nd phase play style did Gutho manage.

      I.liked what I saw from Gutho in that influence role 

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