Congratulations JA

well done JA, that last 25mins was very good first grade quality half-back play. 

Hopefully that was a turning point in your development and you have won over the fans, you won me over with that 25 minute period.

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  • He played well. His try assists were great and he worked hard in D. His long kicks were decent too. 
    The right edge were ridiculously compressed in the first half, not sure if everyone was over compensating for Jake there but they were better in the second half. Still too compressed. 
    Well done Jake. You held your own and didn't let anyone down. Good job. 

    • Penisini was the problem in defence in the first half, he didn't trust JA , that's on Penisini. 

      • Agreed. I wasn't blaming JA there. 

      • And good thing is that it was corrected during the half time talk since they were defending quite well in the last 40.

        • Hats off to BA for that, he hasn't shown the ability to adjust during a game too many times.

      • Yeah, that will something BA and his staff will definitely have to work on with young Will over the summer. He doesn't the pace to be an inside shoulder defender, he has to defend outside in.

  • Played well second half. It was a team effort tonight.

  • I'm eating humble pie tonight, 2 try assists and solid in defense - kicking game was good. JA being interviewed mentioning Matto,Jr and RCG have faith in him to do the job so I guess it's our turn to get behind the kid. Great win and sets up our finals run, go the mighty Eels!! 

    • During his interview you could see JA hanging off every word JT said.  Plenty of players with more natural talent but his willingness to learn and his patience will serve him well.   Would love to see what Bellamy could do with JA and his willingness to learn.

      There was more naturally skilled players as juniors such as Kyle Flanagan and Ash Taylor but they never had to put as much effort in their game as JA and it showed under pressure they crumbled.  JA been under immense pressure but had his best game.

  • His defence in the first half was terrible but he made an adjustment and defended quite well second half then in doing that his attacking game came to him, nice pass and nice kick for tries. Will he win us a grand final no but doing his job like tonight will get us in the 8 at least. 

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