Conflict of interest

So how do you manage a perceived possible conflict of interest with club decisions 🤔

a coach has more than one child coming through the junior ranks ....... we have seen coaches with one like Cleary or Flanagan 

what about two 🤔what processes are in place to see retention and promotion are fair and just 

I see some difficulties 


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  • Agree, Brads paving the way for his son to be our only reserve option in the halves.

    He will never sign another half thats better than his son, if DB was to leave, JA will be a run on half till BAs contract expires.

    Then after using our club to give his son all the experience he can he will take him with him when he gets a gig at a new club one day.

    JA looks like hes running on a treadmill out there, everything he does is in slow motion including passing, wont take the opposition long to get right on top of his game.

    Hes got no xfactor, no mongral, no on field presence, he's weedy, his selection is gonna hurt us over the next few years.

    The situation stinks, BAs taking this club for a ride. 

    • It's a worry 

      Letting go will without another back up signing makes me wonder 

      • It’s a definite worry. JA has potential but he is no where near first grade standard yet.

  • And that is the reason that BA has lost me. I thought nepotism would be his downfall but he was able to turn it around in two games. Kudos to Brad but, unfortunately, with no signings next year we are well and truly fucked. We will be lucky to finish in the top 8.

    • You realise that we have to make signings, we can't start the year with 20 players, right? Jesus, the doom and gloom and whingeing is never ending. How about you blokes wait until the start of the year and see where the cards fall before carrying on with this incessant bullshit.

      • Yes we do have to make signings brissy but the problem is there aren't any better players currently available than what we have released.

        If we had secured JAC or Coates to replace Fergo and Peachey to replace Will then we would be looking good but the facts are we have signed no one and there aren't any better players currently available. 

        • Come on BEM, how many times have you seen player swaps, one club signs someone and have to release 1 or 2, it happens all the time, it's a merry-go-round. I'm sure every club and player managers are trying to make deals left right and centre in the background that we have no idea of.

          There's nothing we can do but sit back and see what happens. One thing for certain, this speculation and whingeing is just bullshit. It serves no purpose but for those with a grudge to carry on with shit that helps nobody. We also don't see what happens in the background at training, there could be more Penisini's, Mahoney's, Niukore's etc coming through that we just don't know about, similar kids at other clubs we are looking at. Hell, I thought Papali'i was a good signing, but he turned into a brilliant signing. Carty had some good moments, we seem to able to turn journeymen into gems, our bloody captain was another.

          Sit back, relax, enjoy the orrfff season, have fun with as many family as COVID restrictions allow you to catch up with over Xmas and the new year and we'll see how 2022 turns out 

          • Add to that the cost of upgrades to retain those players that have performed after being puchased as bargain basement.  Right there is a massive issue for us.  Purchase bargain basement, make them better players and of course, they have to be paid more.  We need to adopt the Roosters Cap Management Plan but no, our Club won't go down the TPA line.  Right there is the issue.  Salary cap was supposed to level the playing field.  It has not, because of the rorts that are allowed outside of the basic contract.  No Club will ever compete with those Clubs that have and endless ability to attract and sign whoever they want with the rorting of the TPA system.  Same playing field, may arse!


            • Papalii will want a huge upgrade.

              150k to probably 500k. More than double the cap impact.

          • Be at peace. Let all have their view. Let the reader decide as to the credibility of one's comments, be content in the knowledge that discussion and diversity are good. 🙏

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